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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Off to Moncton, again!

Hi There!

Well, Gilbert and I left early this morning, to go to Moncton, for some serious shopping. Moncton's about 1-1/2 hours away from here and we don't go there every weekend.

Moncton has Princess Auto.

"Why do I love going to PA?", you ask.

Well, picture a big hardware and automotive parts store, throw in some gardening stuff and machinery, computer, television, iPod and MP3 accessories, a few children's toys, odds and ends - you never know what they will have in their discount shelves... and you've got Princess Auto!

What's NOT to love, eh?

And Moncton has a Costco, for now... 'cause my city is almost finished building OUR Costco!

Well, 300 bucks later.... need I say more?!?!?

And would you believe that I took my nifty little camera with me and never took ONE picture?!?!?

Anyhow, since I HATE to blog without pictures, I thought I'd share with you, one of our home office walls. Gilbert hung up Karen's lovely painted "quilt", this evening. Underneath her quilt, is a picture of Gilbert and I, at our first Geocaching Event. Gilbert even painted the frame in Geocaching colours!

There's our clock, to the right. It used to have a circle of changing neon colours, but the lights burnt and Gilbert unplugged the "light" part.

Underneath that clock, you can see that I have a map of the USA. It helps sometimes when one of my Canadian friends tell me that they might be taking a course in North Dakota and I need to know, in my mind, where that will be. *grin*

Actually, I very often look on this map to see what part of the US you're in. *s*

And you've caught me.

I have a web cam to chat with my friends on Skype and have a small collection of Red Rose Tea ornaments, on that little shelf.

The big black square thing, on the bottom left is part of our tv.

Yesterday evening, I added a "Books From My Library Thing". I had tried to upload a "Shelfari"... I think that's how it's called. Anyhow, it REALLY slowed down my blog site. So, I decided to go with "Books From My Library Thing". I need to add the 2 books that are pre-ordered, thanks to 2 wonderful birthday gifts, from 2 wonderful friends! *grin*

Also, have any of you ever tried "Fiber Scarves"?

I went and bought some "water soluable" web thingies... to try it.

I told Gilbert that I would make myself a bathing suit with this "water soluable" fabric.

He caught on within a few seconds and said,
"Hey, go for it! Should be interesting!"


Well, that's about it for this Saturday evening.

We had a HUMUNGOUS meal, at Harvey's
and it's now 8h10 p.m and we haven't had supper yet.

Supper might be something as simple as nachos and salsa.

Later 'gators!


1 comment:

quiltmom said...

Hey Rosa,
I hadn't thought about Red Rose tea animals for a long time. I remember those creatures-
It sounds like you had a fun trip to Moncton.
I have only been to the ferry crossing in New Brunswick. Bruce's parents were from Nova Scotia and we went to visit his aunts and uncles in the early 80's. They are all gone now unfortunately. It is a beautiful part of the world that you live in.
Looking forward to seeing new projects.