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Friday, March 5, 2010

UFO # 2 (Sparkling Jane)

Hi There!

Remember my Christmas Dear Jane?

This quilt was made with a few swapped Christmas DJ blocks
and some "Midget" blocks thrown in, for good measure.

Here's my previous blogs on this quilt.

Well, yesterday I managed to find
an extra half hour, put my FOOT down,
and finished off the label on my
"Sparkling Jane" quilt.

Yep... believe it or not, there's 870 pieces, in total!

Quilt is now put away and
will be mailed off to it's recipient,
towards the end of November.

Yep..... *brushing my hands*

Yet another UFO finished!!!


BTW, in case you haven't noticed,
without even trying, I lost ONE WHOLE POUND, overnight!!!

But, after having spend one day in Calais,
I can testify that the scale will NOT be friend,
tomorrow morning.

Oh well, the OFFICIAL Diet Day is
April 1st, anyhow....



rockgranny said...

Go, Rosa, go!!!!!!!
AS my diet starts tomorrow( or the day after tomorrow) I'll be in touhgts with you...
Go, Rosa, go!!!!!

Frummie said...

I just LOVE Jane! I am more impressed with the pound though. You go girl!
Hugs Baby,

viridian said...

Rosa! Your sparkling Jane is so beautiful! It makes me want to pull out my Xmas exchange blocks and put them together.