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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Box #3 - Decadent Victorian!!!

Hi There

Well, ALL of the boxes are incredible,
but this one really had my jaw drop!

When I quickly went through them,
yesterday evening, I called up Elaine
and asked her if she was in mourning...

How could she POSSIBLY get rid of all these INCREDIBLE fabrics?!?!??

She appeared to be quite happy, instead of sad.
I was astonished!
Her reply?
"Hey, I was able to walk into my stash closet,
walk around and even VACUUM it!"

In box #3, she sent me
April Cornell's Decadent Victorian - Moda!!!

Once again, I took 2 pictures of the same fabrics.
ALL of these fabrics intermix and match!


Here are the greeens.

And the burgundy's and deep plums.

And then, these INCREDIBLE ivories!!!

Elaine... honestly...
these fabrics are almost TOO gorgeous to cut into!

What am I to do with them?!?!?


Thank you, my friend..
from the bottom of my heart!



Frummie said...

Oh my God! What a stash you are building.

Susan In Texas said...

Wowie! What awesome fabric. And so gorgeous too. She must really like you (and she must have a reallywicked stash to be able to let go of so much so easily.) Do you have any plans for this treasure trove? I look forward to seeing all the lovely things you're going to make with it. Have fun!

Happy quilting,

Barb said...

You truly did get some amazing fabrics.....

Brigitte said...

wow, Elaine is a REAL friend - gorgeous fabrics you got. Love the new dot collection!

Pat from FL and MI said...

I'm making my SBS in Decadent Victorian with a few others thrown in. Isn't it DROP DEAD GORGEOUS?

Susan In Texas said...

OMG, Rosa, I just realized that this was only ONE of the five boxes. Whooeee!