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Thursday, March 4, 2010

UFO # 1 (Lawn Chair)

Hi There!

Good Lord, but I'm a terrible procrastinator!!!

Monday, Gilbert walked into our "junk" room and spied my un-finished lawn chair!

"Aren't you EVER going to finish that chair?!?", he asked.

"Yeah, but I need help and didn't want to bother you." I replied.

(Mind you, I wasn't looking forward to all that bending and sitting on the floor and trying to get back up and then, re-sitting back on the floor, etc, etc, etc.)

"That's ridiculous! I know you! All you had to do was ask me. Okay, tomorrow we'll finish that chair together.", he replied.

"Okay. Sure. Tomorrow's fine with me."

Tuesday went by and I saw the chair and (purposely) never mentioned it.

Wednesday (daytime) went by and once again, I kept silent. I mean, HONESTLY, do I want to subject myself to this pain?!??


Wednesday evening, he remembered the chair and let out a few choice words.

"That's IT! Tomorrow we FINISH IT!", he exclaimed.

Well, right after dinner - that's our 12 noon meal - we worked on the darn lawn chair!

And, now that he nicely pushed be in me butt and that it's FINISHED, I can proudly declare that ONE (1) UFO (Un-Finished Object) can be scratched off my list!!!

Okay, so it's not a quilty UFO... but at least it's done, right?

I'll be bringing this chair into work, on Monday.

It's for my co-worker -
it was only promised to her ... like 2 years ago.


UFO #2 only needs a label on the back, a photo shoot and ....

Pick me with a fork - I'm DONE!


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