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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thanks to Terry M. !!!

Hi There!

A week or two ago, Terry M. and I
had a evening of email chit-chat.

Our topic of conversation?

Her definition of a UFO -
an Un-Finished Object.

If I were to go with MY definition of a UFO,
then I would only have, perhaps only 3 or 4.

A UFO, in MY opinion is a quilt that you
started to work on and stopped...
for whatever reasons, right?

Oh, I have several zip-locked bags
of swapped blocks, on my shelves.

S'far as I'm concerned, these aren't UFO's, right?
I mean, I haven't touched these, eh?

Well.... according to TERRY M'S definition
of a UFO, all these darn swapped blocks
and Siggie Swapped blocks and any other
blocks that I have languishing around....
Well, all of THESE are UFO's!!!

So, I took a few days to mull over HER definition
of a UFO... even discussed this with a good friend,
who... BTW... agreed with me!
(Good friends ALWAYS agree with you! LOL)

Terry, my dear friend...
you KNOW I'm just teasing you, right? *VBG*

Anyhow, I then kind of panicked and took out
my FFF (Fabulous Fall Frolic) swapped blocks
and decided to work on them.

Which is why I've now got
THREE projects on the go....

BTW, in case you haven't figured it out, yet....
the bottom blocks are missing their "strips"
and I still need to make 2 more blocks.

Hope you guys and gals have a GREAT week -
either with or without your UFO's!




Pat from FL and MI said...

Rosa, Rosa, Did you make blocks for that swap? Of course you did. Therefore, you have indeed started the project, and it IS indeed a UFO. JMHO!

quiltmom said...

Hi Rosa,
I have stopped trying to figure out how many UFO's I have- it is starting to scare me LOL
Actually- I have about a half a dozen quilts on the go right now - 2 convergence, 1 wonky rail ties, 2 quilts waiting to be quilted and I cube quilt that is I am not sure what... I try not to start too many at once or I find it difficult to keep track of them.
Happy quilting to you,

Terry said...

Rosa, Rosa, Rosa...See Pat agrees with my definition of an UFO :) And besides MY definition got you wondering & worrying... and now you have started working on your UFOs and before you know it you will have a finished projects!!!!
So you see my freind, MY definiton got you MOTIVATED (ROTFL)
Oh by the way, you never did say how many "Terry Definition UFOs" you have???? Enquiring minds want to know *VBG*
Hugs as Always,

Susan In Texas said...

OK, I'm getting worried. You haven't posted (except your weight loss - congratulations!) since you started your diet. Are you too busy prepping veggies and going for long walks to stitch and blog? NOOOO! 8)

Happy Easter,