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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wait for Weight?

Hi there!

Yesterday morning (Saturday),
Gilbert and I left the house to do some
errands and grab a couple Geocaches.

Here's Gilbert, after we found our 1st geocache.

Would you believe that THIS one was only
2 blocks away from our house?!?!?

Incredible, eh?

From there, we went to the Bulk Barn.

You can buy a LOT of dry goods and stuff,
in "bulk". It's one of Gilbert's favorite stores!

Went to a few other places and nabbed one other geocache.

Then, back home and I got into my "Studio"!

Yesterday was (inter)National Quilting Day!

But, before I got into the serious sewing,
I needed to clean up my area, first.

"Before Pic"

"After Pic"

Worked on machine appliqueing
my leaves and then, the flowers,
on my log cabin quilt, until my vision got blurry.

Well, when my vision gets blurry,
from staring at the appliques too long,
I either turn off the sewing machine
or move onto another project.

I decided to work on a new BOM,
that our local Quilt Shop started.

This time around, I just LOVE the colors!

Too bad my camera didn't pick up
these lovely colors...

Oh... and here's a closeup of my
flower appliques...

And one of the quilt, itself.

I still have a few more "flowers" (the pink part)
to applique and the golden centers to do.

Okay, one thing I wanted to mention,
from my previous post was that
a very, very young,
Cat Steven's wrote and sang
"The First Cut is the Deepest".

And THAT'S WHY I made reference to it,
in my previous blog...

I was singing this song, as I was cutting
into my friend Elaine's gorgeous fabrics...


Got an email from my friend Barb, with a lot of cute "thoughts".

Here's one:

"Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty and you get to wear them forever."

Well, since I've gained all this extra weight, I can tell you that I only have ONE pair of pants left, that fit... for work. I call it my "uniform", even though I work in an office and we don't have "uniforms".


Anyhow, another friend of mine told me, today that I've encouraged her to loose some weight and to exercise. She didn't wait (or is that weight? LOL) till the 1st of April. She's gotten on the band wagon.. RIGHT NOW - TODAY, EVEN!

Anyhow, anyone else want to join me in my quest to be a slimmer person?

Think about it. I'm starting April 1st and NO, it's NOT an April Fool's joke, either!


Have a great week!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Hi Rosa,

Your machine applique is perfect...this quilt is going to be a "winner"! Love it!

Love your pictures of your sewing's so neat! I'm too embarrassed to show mine at the moment! A couple more days in the "closet" should help too!

Well, off to bed! It's been an eventful day!


Elaine in SLO,Ca

ranette said...

Gorgeous applique quilt Rosa! Oh and I really like the bom as well.

I stopped eating sugar (again) hopefully I'll drop a few pounds.

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Rosa... Your quilt is beautiful... I just love the colors you choose...Are you going to hand quilt it? :)