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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sewing Gadgets (AKA Notions)

Hi There!

Are you like me and have tons of sewing gadgets?

Probably most you haven't used yet,
but you don't want to get rid of,
'cause you KNOW you'll need them,
"someday", eh?

Could be your sewing buddy gave this "thing" to you
or you picked up, on a trip to nowhere?

Well, my friend Jo sent me these
three neat items...

Yesterday, I had quilt blocks
on my design wall and
her 2 neat gadgets came in handy!

This first gadget was probably
picked up at a hardware store.

It's one of those thingies that are in doors...
you know, a "peephole"?

It's EXCELLENT to look at your
quilt, from a distance.

It gives you a whole new perspective on it.

These 2 items are called
"Ruby Beholders".

They help you "see" color value.

Jo sent me a small one and a bigger one.

See? I was able to take a picture,
with the "Ruby Beholder".

And yes, this is my "Polka Dot" quilt....

I'm in the middle of machine quilting it,

And I'm not quite pleased with it.


But that story's for my NEXT blog.



Susan In Texas said...

I like your polka-dot quilt! Why are you disappointed in it? Those value thingees are wonderful. My watercolor teacher taught me to use one long ago - very handy!

Take care,

Ruth said...

Hi Rosa,

Love those Ruby Beholders .Have to try and find. Your pot dot quilt is beautiful, I love it. Keep up the great work.

Will be checking ack soon.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hey Rosa! Your polka dot quilt turned out totally different looking than mine in the reds. LOVE yours as well!!