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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Kodak Moment

Hi There!

Thanks to Susan, who gently reminded me
that I hadn't blogged in ages....
blame it on this deep concentration of food,
or the lack thereof -
Remember? Gilbert and I are on diets?

Anyhow, yesterday,
my family decided to celebrate
Easter and 3 April birthdays,
with a potluck, and even though
I certainly did NOT eat as much
as I normally would, I still re-gained 2 ugly pounds!

James, my youngest, wasn't able to attend,
but we still all went outside and took
a family picture.

Dad's in a green shirt and Mom's right beside him.
Gilbert and I are on Mom's left side.

"What about The Kodak Moment", your asking?

Driving to your Sisters = 3 dollars in gas
Providing food for potluck = 3 dollars in grocery.
Leaving your camera behind = PRICELESS!!!

When I finally got my camera back,
there were some "extra" pictures on it....

Apparently, some of my family members
had a HOOT taking pictures with my camera!!!


Looks like these toes belong to Princess Sophia.

Didn't realize that my nephew had braces.

I would guess that this ear also belongs to my nephew.

When I first looked at THIS picture,
I thought it was some kind of "growth"!!!

Figured out that it was someone's head!

And here's one of my relatives' belly button!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!


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Barb said...

Happy Easter...glad you had a wonderful time#