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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And Behind Box #2

Hi there!

Gorgeous, INCREDIBLY LOVELY 30's fabrics, in Box #2!!!

Now, Elaine had told me that she was sending me another bundle of matching fabrics... Would you believe that I just now remembered about what she had told me, and JUST NOTICED that ALL these fabrics are from the same line and match?!??!

*slaps her forehead*


Once again, they're almost too gorgeous to cut into to!!!!

And here is the fabric line....

Thanks, Elaine!

I sure do hope that I do you proud, with my future projects!




Barb said...

You are killing all the fabrics!!

Susan In Texas said...

What a friend! You are one lucky lady. Soooo much lovely fabric. At least you never claimed 2010 would be a big stash-busting year. lol If you don't have enough storage space, there's PLENTY of room down here in Texas! lol


PS Congrats on your additional weight loss. Slow and steady wins the race. 8)

Frummie said...

Love the fabric. But,I love the 5 pounds more.