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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yard Sailing, Again!!!!

Hi there!

Yard Sale Season is starting up, again!

Last Saturday, Gilbert and I did the rounds.

Picked up a few (new) gifts for Christmas,
for my niece and nephew and managed to grab these 2 items, also.

As for THIS item, I just couldn't resist it!

Yes, I know it's missing it's cover, but it was
a) a teapot,
b) pink - can't go wrong there! LOL
c) and it will make a FANTASTIC pen/pencil holder, for work!

These items, were approx. 25 cents each, or less....
They were thrown into the box and
the whole lot went for 5 bucks!


1 comment:

ennadoolf said...

great finds! I'm hoping to hit my first yard sales on Saturday!