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Monday, April 5, 2010

Behind Box #1

Hi There!

Once again, my friend Elaine was doing some spring cleaning and offered to send me a few more boxes - four, this time.

Friday, Gilbert and I headed to Calais, to pick them up.

Here's what was in box #1:

The cutest card!!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous pinks and blues!!!

Incredibly soft mauves and minty greens!!!

Soft, buttery yellows and an assortment of batiks, mottled fabrics and other scrumptious colours!

Three EXCELLENT quilt books, too!!!!

Thank you, Elaine!!!!

How will I ever repay you, I honestly don't know!
*grinning, over here*



Barb said...

that is totally are so lucky!!

Pat from FL and MI said...

What plans do you have for all this fabric? This is just so nice!

LiteMotif said...

Wow! Rosa you have a wonderful friend. The baby book looks quite interesting to me. I would like a book report.

Frummie said...

Yah! But I got a cake with no calories and this wonderful chapstick. You have to sew, I get to sit back and enjoy...LOL
Love you

Miriam said...

Wow, lots of delicious fabrics there!! You are going to be very busy with those books too!
Congratulations on the weight loss!