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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hook-In Anyone?

Hi There!

Today, I went to my first EVER "Hook In" and had a BLAST!!! Talked about rug hooking with fellow hookers, looked at their rugs and wall hangings and slippers and everything else that involved "hooking" and even got to purchase some wool for my next rug hooking project....

Karen, took a few pictures of me, today.

Now, this one, I didn't even realize she had her camera out. LOL

I borrowed her wool cutter and was cutting up my strips, for my next project.

And TA-DAH!!!!!!

Here's my first EVER rug hook project!!!

Actually, its a mini wall hanging but it now has it's binding and...



Another UFO that I can file away!
(don't I look proud?!?!?)

Will post more pictures about today's outing, tomorrow morning!

For now, I'm heading off to bed!



Frummie said...

Hi Sweetie,
I love the runner on the top of your blog. Keep it up.
Love you

Frummie said...

PS: Love the mini rug too...LOL!

Greg said...

I hear that you Canadian Hookers are a riot!!! If I lived a few miles closer, I'd join you. Nice job on your project!

Yvette said...

I never knew a hooker before! LOL

It turned out adorable!!

Susan In Texas said...

Wow! Love you teeny rug. This is clearly a whole 'nother hobby which looks like fun, that I should probably stay far away from for the sake of my full closets. 8)

BTW, WHERE did this hook-in take place? I love love love the big picture on the wall behind you. 8) I know, I know, I'm weird and artistic about stuff like that. It's definitely not your pleasant landscape (and I notice you have your back to it!) lol

Happy hooking,