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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thanks Brigitte!

Hi there!

Another one of my friends, Brigitte, sent me a "Thank You" gifty.... which I received this week. Brigitte had given me a "Heads Up" about a parcel that she had mailed out.

Brigitte, my friend... I'm the one that is now thanking YOU for this wonderful gifty!


Brigitte does scrap booking and she made this BEAUTIFUL card!

How did I know that SHE made this?

Check out the back of her card!
Incredible, eh?!?!?

Then, because it was for Easter, she included the cutest little Easter book.... All in German!

Pretty neat, eh?

And, of course, a piece of German chocolate, too!

And then, I was floored when I saw her magazine!

Imagine, a sewing magazine.... ALL IN GERMAN?!?!?!

What a wonderful challenge and opportunity to learn another language, eh? Specially since I've bookmarked at least TWO quilty projects that I'd love to do, in this magazine. I'll probably need to do a lot of research on the web for German to English translation and will probably be emailing Brigitte a LOT, for help on some of these words! *grin*

Then, Brigitte had tried to explain to me, via emails on how she does these 3 dimensional spool blocks. I couldn't figure it out without a visual picture. Anyhow, Brigitte kindly sent me a block that she had made. Sooooo, when I start to work on my block quilt, I will probably add HER block amongst the others! *s*

And this was 1 of the highlights of her generous parcel... especially since most of you know that I've started a diet, right?

Those cute little, adorable chocolates are small and pack a taste punch like you would NOT believe!!!!


I've added our Canadian quarter, to the picture - 'bout the same size as an American quarter - so that you can judge the size of the chocolates.

The PERFECT size for when you want to "nibble" on something sweet and not break your calorie bank, for the day!

Unfortunately, there's only 1 chocolate left and it will probably be gone by late this evening. But HEY!!!! On the OTHER hand, I now own the most adorable little tin can that I can use to put quilty notions or treasures in it, right?

Brigitte - Thank you ...
from the bottom of my heart!!!!



Brigitte said...

glad you like my gifties. Of course I'll try to help with translation when it comes to a real start. Biggest problem'll be, that the patterns are in metric not in inches .... hmmmmmmmm
BTW: on the red tin is the name of the chocolate factory (Lindt - Suisse) and "von Herzen" = from my heart .... hugs Brigitte

Susan In Texas said...

What great presents! Chocolate and little blocks. Nice. 8) Congratulations on your continued weight loss. Enjoy the easy, early days. 8)


Pat from FL and MI said...

Lucky you, Rosa! What a nice gift from Brigitte. I especially love the handmade card and quilt block. I'm a sucker for anything someone takes the time to make for someone.

Terry said...

Lucky girl you are Miss Rosa:)
And BTW..Stop snickering at me!!!!!
Love all your giftees, the handmade card makes me want to get my card-making things out...haven't done any for a loooong time. Maybe tomorrow:)
Congrats on the weight lose, mine is going a little slower :(

Frummie said...

OMG, love all the stuff from Brigitte. You do know, that unlike you, Brigitte is on Skype...LOL
Love you