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Friday, April 16, 2010

Quilted Chenille Floor Mat

Hi There!

Have any of you looked at the prices of floor mats, recently?!??! If you want something half decent, you best contact your bank and get a second mortgage out!

Well, about 2 years ago, my friend Barb explained to me how to make these floor mats. At one point, I even went to visit her and she was in the middle of making one. And, this project was on my "To Do" list, but just never came out to the forefront.

Well, Gilbert and I are preparing this BIG yard sale, this summer and I've been culling my fabrics. I came across a big, blue bin that I had saved fabrics to make these floor mats. I had remembered that Barb telling me what kind of fabrics are ideal for these mats and, according to her, it was fabrics like polyester, rayons, cordoroys, denim, tweeds.... in OTHER WORDS, the complete opposite kind of fabrics that a quilter would want or need!

So, this week I started pulling out all my so-called-crappy fabrics and started layering them. You need a denim or a strong kind of fabric underneath your mat, right?

I did 9 layers of fabrics.

Then, you mark, on the bias, at every HALF-INCH and sew, on the bias. This will help your fabrics to "bloom".


Oh yah, I forgot. You need to spray each layer with some kind of temporary spray. I forget what kind Barb told me, but I didn't have any so I just used a LOT of pins!

After you've sewn on all your marked "lines", you need to cut through the layers, but leave the bottom intact - obviously. Upon Barb's advice, I had also added a layer of muslin underneath my other 9 layers.

Okay, since I've re-read this and it doesn't appear to be too clear, here's the step-by-step instructions.

- Cut denim or thick, solid fabric at 24 " X 36 " - that's the size that I selected, anyhow.
- Add, an oversized piece of muslin, on top of the denim.
- Start adding 9 other layers - rayons, polyesters, flannel, etc. These can be in bits and pieces, just make sure that you remember how many layers there are. The last piece, on the top should be 1 solid piece for easier marking and pinning.
- Mark your fabric ON THE BIAS at every HALF INCH APART.
- Turn on TV and watch your favorite movie or plug in your iPod and listen to your favorite tunes. This part is boring, IMHO. Start quilting on these lines.
- With a sharp pair of scissors, cut in the middle of all your sewn lines.
- Flip your mat over and trim your floor mat to the size of your original denim - 24 X 36 size... if that's the size that you selected, for example.
- Add a binding. Now, I added a 2-1/2 inch binding and I had a hell of a time sewing the binding on - I should have cut, I believe, a 3 or 3-1/2 inch binding. Will know better when I work on my next rug.
- Wash and dry (in the dryer) several times... to help your chenille "blossom".

In this picture, I hadn't finished sewing all my lines and I was just too curious! I HAD to see the results!


Here's just a few lines that I cut between the rows...

And here's the final product - washed twice and dried in the dryer twice... to help it "chenille" or blossom.

Okay.... I'll tell you what I did wrong with this one. No, it's still good, but I went and sewed at 1 inch apart and it's not enough.... Mind you, it's too late now, but it's supposed to be HALF INCH APART.

Now, here's a GREAT site that explains how to make these Chenille Floor Mats, but she uses "woven" fabrics.

Hope you get to give this project a try. I have 2 or 3 more floor mats to make.

BTW, when I haven't been blogging, you KNOW I must be up to something! LOL

In this case, I was working on my first Chenille Floor Mat...

Tomorrow, I'll be at my first ever "Hook In"!!! I'll have yet another UFO to brag about - that's my first ever hook rug project. *grin*



Barb said...

Oh it!

Susan In Texas said...

Your mat looks terrific, Rosa. Where are you going to use it?


Marianne said...

Thanks for the "recipe," Rosa. You may also enjoy what I have done -
take an old towel or bathmat and cut to rug size
cut a piece of cotton batting to fit
Cut strips of denim (old jeans) and add to rug in a quilt as you go fashion (or mix in a few left over quilt blocks, too)
Bind with scraps of binding


Cyn ;-) said...

Wow, this is great Rosa! Thanks for the great tute. I made something similar to this, but it was only a PotHolder & the spray I used caused a big sticky mess! lol. I think i'll try your way with pins.

tich said...

Looks great. I always wonderdered how to do these, but never realised you had to sew on the bias

tich said...