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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pumped, Cut and Ripped!!!

Hi there!

As I type this post this evening, I can truly admit to you that even the unknown-to-me muscles in my fingers hurt!

As some of you have realized, I've started a new journey in my life. I want to loose some weight and become fitter and healthier, as I travel upon this journey.

Well, I've lost 5 pounds, so far. Do I expect any "accidents" and ups and downs, on my journey? Well, of course I do! I'll just have to put my big girl panties back on, and deal with it!


I'm counting calories and "MyFitnessPal" is an EXCELLENT and FREE program - no affiliation with them, either!

And today, I signed up for a month, at a gym right next door to the building where I work. I even convinced my co-worker to join up, too! *grin*

I headed off to the gym (AKA: the Torture Dungeon), with my mauve tote bag, marked "San Luis Obispo" - a gift from a dear friend. When I'm in the Torture Dungeon with my mauve bag, I feel like she's right beside me.

So, here's today's story...

I started out with the stationary bicycle. Things were going really great and I figured that I had biked at LEAST 50 miles - sweat was starting to form on my forehead, even! Then, I looked at my watch.

Only 2.5 minutes had gone by!!! I was already sweating and bored!

Well, I managed to tough it out on that machine, for 6 minutes and then, my calves started to cramp up - their way of protesting, I imagine. In fact, I suspect a mutiny was brewing!

So, I grabbed my right leg with the help of my 2 arms and swung that leg over the bicycle bar! WOW! I felt like I had accomplished quite the feat! LOL

Thirty Minutes later....

Me: Anne, you ready to go?
Anne: (who was on the bicycle, by then) Yep, give me 2 more minutes.
Me: (trying to stand up) I think Gilbert's gonna have to POUR me into the shower! My legs are all wobbly! I don't even think I can lift my leg up to get INTO the shower!


Well, I walked out of there, sweaty forehead with wobbly legs and all, and my head held up high! I felt pumped, cut and ripped!!!

So far, I've (clears her throat) "encouraged" a few people to accompany me, on my "Fit Trip". Anyone else care to join me, on my "Fit Trip"?

Okay, I'm outta here....



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Hi Rosa!

I'm so proud of made your commitment and have taken a very BIG step in joining the gym and exercising!

So nice of you to "take me with you" in spirit! I'll be the one whispering in your ear "YOU CAN DO IT"!!




Barb said...

You are doing good...keep it up, you will be surprised how much you can accomplish after a few time...

Pat from FL and MI said...

Oh Rosa, doesn't patchwork count as excerise? All those trips from the sewing machine, to the ironing board, to the cutting mat, and back? All those trips to the post office to mail off swap blocks? And how about all that energy opening the boxes of fabric you were sent? And sorting and shelving it? Also all those trips circling the bolts at the LQS? And......and...........phew! I'm sweaty just thinking about it all. Time for bed!

Central Vermont said...

Good for you, Rosa! I used to go to a gym a few times a week - one of those circuit places. Haven't since the mornings got so dark, but my May resolution (as opposed to New Year's) is to return. You are giving me some motivation!
Marianne in VT

Caron said...

Good for you, Rosa! I'm doing the same thing. Does your gym have a recumbant bike? I think I spelled it wrong, but I have found it to be much easier to begin with. Sounds like you might also have it set too hard for you to start with. It shouldn't be hard. Start slow and easy, and gradually increase the level of difficulty. WE CAN DO THIS! (I'm trying to reduce the size of MY big girl panties.)

Frummie said...

I feel like a proud mama. You go sweetie.
Love you