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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hooker's Night Brought in a Few Pennies!!!!

Hi There!

Yesterday evening, my friend Karen came over, for a "Hooker's Night".... and HEY!! We didn't even make a penny!!! Although, Karen DID bring over her "Penny Mat" that she finished!

Does that count?!??


This was the first time that she had made one and as far as I know, the first time EVER that she did a (locking) "Blanket Stitch"!

She did an EXCELLENT job, eh?

When we had visited our local Rug Hooking Store, a few weekends ago, the owner had given us a quick demonstration on how to make them and Karen had picked up some "pennies", to give it a whirl.

Here's Karen, in my Sewing Studio, with her hooking supplies. She's got bundles of "wool" in her hands!

Do you see my "Red Heart" in my frame, on the edge of the table?

Anyhow, Karen showed me how to finish my "Red Heart" and she worked on "finishing" her first ever project... which happened to be a "Heart" also!

GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike) !!!!

Here's Karen's hands.... She's whip-stitching her Heart. Some Hooker's call this "Whipping".

With all these special terms and expressions.... kinda makes you think twice about picking up this hobby, eh?


Anyhow, needless to say, Karen and I had a GREAT time... chit-chatting about this and that and I learned a LOT from my favorite Hooker, too!

I managed to trace yet another project, but this time a bigger one, and I've learned how to finish my first project - my Heart. I'll be working on that one, this week, I hope.

Will post pictures of my finished Heart, ASAP.



Pat from FL and MI said...

Oh Rosa, we always knew you'd make a great hooker!

KJ McLean said...

I'm teaching her everything I know!

The Happy Hooker

Barb said...

You are tooo funny......

Sandi said...

I've made a few pennies, too, but I'm not a hooker. :-)