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Sunday, April 11, 2010

And Finally, Box #4...

Hi There!

Well, I hate to choose favorites, but I think this was my favorite box!

Not only did I my friend send me my very first EVER "Jelly Roll", but she sent me TWO Jelly Rolls AND.... a package of "Charms", in this fabric line AND a whole lot of fabric from this line or that matched it PERFECTLY!!!!

Did her generosity stop there?!??


She told me to share, if I wanted to.

So, last weekend, I went to visit a good friend and gave her one of the two Jelly Rolls, along with a piece of coordinating fabrics.

Here's pictures of what I have left over. Incredibly soft colors... I just LOVE this line of fabric for children's quilts. Even the coordinating fabrics are scrumptious - just LOOK at the polka dots ones!!! *grin*

Of course, you can always click on my pictures, to see a closer picture.

Once again, Elaine....

from the bottom of my heart!!!

*hoping to do justice with Elaine's gifties, someday soon*

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