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Friday, February 19, 2010

One Dollar At a Time....

Hi there!

Started up a new web page,

"One Million Dollarz"

Gilbert even created a "button"
for me....

Kewl, eh?

Hoping to get enough donors,
to be able to retire.



Perhaps the word is "crazy"!


Wish me luck and if you have
an extra dollar.... pls think of me.




Terry said...

ROTFL!!!! You really are totally crazy, aren't you? *big grin*
Best of luck on this journey:)
This is one venture I may just have to contribute to ;) Then when you become a millionaire, I can say I helped her become a millionaire! (LOL)

Frummie said...

I too like Terry am ROTFL!
The dollar will be in the mail Monday...LOL
It is 1h17m AM here in Florida and the computer just got fixed. Because of the change in PW, my iPhone didn't work either.
Love you

Frummie said...

An addendum:
Soupy Sales once did a show asking all the children to go into their fathers wallet and pull one of the green pieces of paper and mail it to him...he was thrown off the air...LOL