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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whatz snu - Part 2

Hi there!

Okay, for that past week or so,
I've been busy tracing, cutting circles,
"shopping" in my polka dot stash,
ironing Heat 'N Bond onto my selected fabrics,
cutting out the circles and re-ironing
them, once again.

This pattern comes from a
Fons & Porter's "Easy Quilts",
Summer 2008.
(oh my - where DOES the time fly?!??)

Yep - I checked twice and it's from 2008.
I would have guessed it at 2009! LOL

Pattern is called
"Dots for Tiny Tots".

Nope, I haven't finished
blanket stitching ALL the circles -
in fact, I have quite a few more to do!

Jacqui (from Canada) and
Brigitte (from Germany now)
and I, swapped small pieces of
polka dot fabrics!

And special thanks to Frummie,
who tried to teach me over the phone,
this evening, on how to
make my sewing machine
do the "Blanket Stitch", all by itself.

I'd try, Frummie, but I'm afraid.

I might do your technique on the
quilting of this quilt but right now,
I just want to continue the same,
very boring and repetitive blanket stitch.


1 comment:

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hey Rosa: How did you find the circles with Heat 'n Bond? I thought it might be too thick so I braved it and used Best Press on the fabrics and didn't use any sticky stuff at all. I put a double layer of tissue paper behind the block and used a satin stitch (I don't have a blanket stitch on my sewing machines), using a toothpick to smooth the circles as I sewed and it worked very slick. This was still plenty thick with the five layers.