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Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Is NOT An April's Fool Joke!!!

Hi There!

Just a "Heads Up"....

Gilbert and I quit smoking almost
one year ago and, in the meantime,
have picked up yet ANOTHER
nasty habit...

Call it gluttony, being little porkers,
lazy..... whatever you wish,
but we gained a LOT of weight!

April 1st, 2010

I'm giving you fair warning,
that I will be changing my life
and lifestyle, along with my dietary intake
and will probably be complaining,
in a bad mood and/or just plain

No, I won't tell you how much
I weigh, but I will tell you
how much I wish to loose
and will probably have
some kind of barometer on
the calories that I have lost.

Hopefully, this will prove to
you and ME that I'm serious,
this time!

Anyhow, for now,
here's a cartoon to hopefully,
make you chuckle.


My Completed Quilts

Hi There!

I can't remember if I've shared this link with you guys and gals before, but I've FINALLY re-organized and updated my "Completed Quilt" web page. Now, to change or replace my old link with THIS one - that will be another day!

Now... off to update the DJ TOW (Triangle Of the Week) web page and update my new DJ BOW (Block Of the Week) web page....

Just keep in mind that my next job, for today, is to update both of these web pages. In other words, give me a couple hours, okay? *s*

Remember, if you enjoy my blog and/or my personal web pages, I DO accept ONE dollar donations, for my "Retirement Fund". *grin*

Have a great Sunday!


Madeline - FINISHED!!!!

Hi There!

Well, as some of you might remember,
I'm on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
this week!!!

As I've been doing for the past
few years, I'm keeping a
"Vacation Journal",
to remind me of what I did,
and to share with friends
and family, as well.
(NOTE: I try to update my
Vacation Journal every day.)

Yesterday, we went uptown -
that's our city center -
had a nice meal and
picked up some coin
and stamp stuff,
for our hobbies.

Here's Gilbert,
posing beside our old
Saint John City Market.

No, we didn't go there yesterday,
but since we were right beside there,
I asked Gilbert to "pose",
while I took a picture.


My "Madeline" Schnibbles
is FINALLY hung up
in my Sewing Studio!!!

(finished size - 28 inches square)

I made a Label for the back, too!

Actually, I wrote on it's
hanging sleeve -
figured it'd be the same thing, eh?

Have a great Sunday!


Friday, February 26, 2010

2 Week Old Gifties...

Hi There!

About 2 weeks ago,
I received yet ANOTHER
incredible box from my friend, Elaine!

This one was for my special day.

She sent me this INCREDIBLE
picture frame, with our pictures in it!
(You've GOT to click on it,
to read what's written!!!!)

Then, she told me that she
had picked up some Bear Poop,
while on her travels - just for moi!!!!
(BTW, I finished the last pieces, yesterday evening! YUMMY!!!)

This softest and cutest and MOST cuddliest Teddy Bear, that you can imagine!!!!

A nice tube of M & M's,
with a Bobble-Head, on the top!

This also makes me smile,
whenever I shake him!

Doesn't he look like quite the flirt!??!?

And another beautiful ornament.
I believe this one is called "Friends"

I can just picture Elaine and I,
sitting around for a chit-chat.

This one is right beside my sewing machine, in my Studio and near my computer mouse. It is COMPLETELY un-avoidable - I HAVE to look at it, every time I'm in my studio and I HAVE to think about Elaine and her friendship!


Can I tell you a secret?
I really didn't need this ornament to think about her and my other friends....
*still grinning*

Thanks a bunch, my blood sister!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two More "Wakies"!!!

Hi There!

I'm at the point where I"m almost
counting hours and minutes....

Friday I start my
"March Break" vacation!!!!

By coincidence, I received this
from an email buddy, today!


Here's my March Break 2010
Vacation Log.

I find it's easier to keep a
"Vacation Log"
on my personal web page.

Have a great Wednesday!!!
(remember, that's the "W" in the cartoon!)



Whatz snu - Part 2

Hi there!

Okay, for that past week or so,
I've been busy tracing, cutting circles,
"shopping" in my polka dot stash,
ironing Heat 'N Bond onto my selected fabrics,
cutting out the circles and re-ironing
them, once again.

This pattern comes from a
Fons & Porter's "Easy Quilts",
Summer 2008.
(oh my - where DOES the time fly?!??)

Yep - I checked twice and it's from 2008.
I would have guessed it at 2009! LOL

Pattern is called
"Dots for Tiny Tots".

Nope, I haven't finished
blanket stitching ALL the circles -
in fact, I have quite a few more to do!

Jacqui (from Canada) and
Brigitte (from Germany now)
and I, swapped small pieces of
polka dot fabrics!

And special thanks to Frummie,
who tried to teach me over the phone,
this evening, on how to
make my sewing machine
do the "Blanket Stitch", all by itself.

I'd try, Frummie, but I'm afraid.

I might do your technique on the
quilting of this quilt but right now,
I just want to continue the same,
very boring and repetitive blanket stitch.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Whatz snu, eh?

Hi There!

Well, I promised myself that I would try
and blog as much as possible.
Actually, don't tell anyone,
but my New Year's resolution
was to blog every day, even!

Soooo, whatz snu, eh?

Well, I started up a new blog,

This evening, a friend recommended
that I set up a Tweeter account,
to help generate business...
I haven't figured that one out, yet.

Last Friday, I received an INCREDIBLE parcel
in my mailbox, from Cyn!!!

She knit me this incredible hat and scarf!

But I truly chortled with laughter,
when I read her card!

She wrote,
"... you have a high flamboyant quotient and can carry it off with panache!"

Isn't it nice to know that someone
KNOWS you, even though you've
never, EVER met?!?!??!

The brim can be worn 3 ways:
Down, à la Liz Taylor,
Folded up for warmer days,
and frou-frou folded inside,
for a "grey only" cap.

Okay, the "grey only" look didn't occur
in these pictures but I still LOVE it, anyhow!

Oh... I also received THREE
compliments, Friday afternoon!!!

Pretty kewl, eh?

Then, Saturday afternoon,
Gilbert and I decided to
do a few errands and do
some browsing, also.

I picked up a magazine
at Indigo.

Guess which kind I got?!?


I not only LOOK like a kid in a candy store,
but I FEEL like one, too!



Friday, February 19, 2010

One Dollar At a Time....

Hi there!

Started up a new web page,

"One Million Dollarz"

Gilbert even created a "button"
for me....

Kewl, eh?

Hoping to get enough donors,
to be able to retire.



Perhaps the word is "crazy"!


Wish me luck and if you have
an extra dollar.... pls think of me.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Better to See You With, My Dear...

Hi There!

This morning, I decided to do a bit
of Spring Cleaning, in my drawers.

Threw out a lot of mis-matched
socks, old undies and other "stuff".

In the meantime, I came across
some of my old eye glass
containers and eye glasses.

I couldn't find my
"cat eye" glasses!!!
DARN! Those were pretty funky!

Anyhow, Gilbert and I decided to do
a "Photo Montage" for you!


Check out the SIZE of the frames!!!

S'funny, but I must have REALLY
liked these navy blue frames.

Whenever I close my eyes
and try to "see" myself,
I picture myself with these glasses.

Actually, these ones are my current glasses.
They're like a dark pink... kinda.

That's it...

Headin' downstairs....

It's Valentines and Gilbert's cookin' supper...


Have a great evening, everyone!


Shopping - Part 2

Hi There!

As there was a lot of "stuff" that
Gilbert and I picked up on Friday,
while we were in Bangor, Maine,
I decided it would be best if I
divided up some of these pictures,
into several blogs.

Gilbert saw these clamps in Mardens
and felt they would be VERY useful,
with his hoses and other things.

I picked up this cute, and yet simple,
little magnetic box, for 1 dollar.
You cut and paste a picture on the front,
and stick it on your fridge.

Okay, it's kinda stupid
but I thought it was rather cute and different!
And it was only 1 buck, right?

At Mardens, Gilbert picked up a pair of carabiners
(those oval hook thingies),
a rubberized and flowered
license plate cover (for my car),
and a little pair of wire cutters for 1 dollar.

The 2 containers of "tie wraps" for 1 dollar each,
at The Dollar Tree.

He grabbed a bunch of "toggle bolts" at Mardens.
These were a variety of different sizes,
for 75 cents per pound.

A note pad for me to write to my friends,
with grapes, wine and cheese, on the foreground...
an EXCELLENT pair of scissors -
I purchased 2 of them, at 1 dollar apiece
and a bottle of cleanser, for Gilbert in his workshop...

Okay, here I've got to explain something.

Gilbert and I RARELY buy any clothes.
When our "good" clothes are spotted or stained
or getting a bit raggety, they become what we call "Grade B"...
we use them for around the house.
When our clothes become "Grade C",
well they're worn for when we paint
or do really DIRTY jobs!

When Gilbert and I got together,
he had maybe 30 or 40 t-shirts - no kidding!
I don't think I had ever seen anyone with that many!

Anyhow, he's slowly been culling them,
after they've become "Grade C"
and we also had a serious talk,
about all these t-shirts!

Anyhow, while in Walmart,
we passed a rack of T-shirts at 3 dollars each.

*long sigh*

As you can tell, he got himself another t-shirt!

Here's Gilbert with his new
winter coat, from
Burlington Coat Factory....
for only 30 dollars!!!
(yes, it's warm, too.)

Picked up these 2 travel glasses,
for 1 dollar apiece at The Dollar Tree.
And these 2 cute little cauldrons
for our salsa sauce.
They were 2 for 1 dollar,
also from The Dollar Tree!

And for my final picture sharing, today...
I got 2 of these, for my nieces.
Cute, eh?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!!

Try to stay warm, eat plenty of chocolates
and share a bit of Love...



P.S. Told you we bought a lot of "stuff"!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shopping - Part 1

Hi there!

Okay, as promised,
I've taken a few shots of the "stuff"
that we bought, yesterday.

This "stuff" was picked up at
either Marden's or Walmart (in Calais).

I desperately needed these colors,
although bright Cherry or Apple red threads
would have been nice, too...

But that's okay.
I know I'll find
those color threads, someday.

More lovely, luscious colors!!!

Saw these gorgeous 30's fabrics -
picked up 1 yard of these prints.

Now, for some silly reason,
I fell in love with what I call
the "Eyeball" fabrics!


I've got plans for these 2 "Eyeball" fabrics,
so I decided to pick up coordinating fabrics.
(Not sure which of the 2 greens will make it into my quilt.)

I just LOVE this "Honey Bee" fabric,
and the coordinating fabric that was available!
Got some more placemats,
on the brain for THIS fabric!

I picked up some rather dark speckled muslin
and some white tone-on-tone.

Us quilters need our whites and muslins, right?

Gilbert's son and his girlfriend are expecting
their first child, in August.
I was happy to see this green "Minkee" -
should make a nice baby quilt, eh?

Plus, the 2 other pieces (fat quarters)
of flowery fabrics...
I think they're from the same line
as last year's BOM, that I was doing.

And then, I saw 3 fat quarters that I
couldn't refuse...
Ultra BRIGHT cartoonish hens and chicks...
Bright ladies and
nice polka dots!
At 75 cents each, it was a steal, IMHO!

Okay, I'll try and upload some more pics
of "stuff" that we got...

Later ...


A "Rosa and Gilbert" Day!!!!

Hi There!

Well, I had decided to take Friday off (yesterday) and Gilbert and I planned on going to Bangor, Maine, for the day. Bangor's about 3-1/2 hours drive from here. I figured that if we left REAL early, we'd have time to do some shopping and come back before it got dark. *grin*

Well, we left our home at 6h30 a.m., grabbed ourselves a Tim Horton's coffee, got some gas, stopped at the bank in St. Stephen, just before crossing the border into the USA... then decided to grab a 2nd coffee at Duncan Donuts, in Calais and head out, on our way to Bangor.

Gilbert had never been to Bangor. I had been there two or three times MANY moons ago and then, twice in 2008. I KNEW there were a LOT of stores there and wanted a "get-a-way" trip, with my hubby.

Our first stop was "Marden's". Marden's is actually in Brewer, which is just across the river from Bangor. It's a surplus and salvage store. We must have spent at LEAST 1 hour there... browsing and picking up stuff.

Gilbert bought mostly household and men items. Me, I bought mostly sewing stuff.
(will post pictures of our buys in an upcoming blog.... soon.)

From Marden's, we went to the "Dollar Tree". We don't have any "Dollar Trees" in our city. Mind you, we have other kinds of dollar stores, but here we picked up a few other items too.

Then, since we have our GPS's with us and we have hoped to find the time and the opportunity to grab a couple caches, we decide to try this one, called "Fake Trees Need Water Too".

I LOVE geocaching - you get to see some neat stuff, sometimes!

Anyhow, we saw this "tree" but unfortunately it was too cold and we tried for a good 10 minutes and didn't find this cache. But that's okay, we got to see this really neat tree, eh?
(see my yellow car, in the background?)

From there, we went to the Olive Garden. It was around 12h15, Maine time and there was NO PLACE to park! The place was FULL!

So, I suggested that we go to "Burlington Coat Factory", nearby.

OMG, but there's a LOT of clothes there and "stuff" and all at EXCELLENT PRICES, too!!!!

Gilbert picked up a nice winter coat - he needed one - for 30 bucks!

And I got 2 t-shirts and 2 pairs of boxer shorts, for my boys.

Well, we headed back to the Olive Garden. It was 1h20, by then, and we managed to find a parking spot but there was still a 20 minute waiting time, inside.

I had been to the Olive Garden before, but not Gilbert.

At one point, Gilbert whispered to me, "Is this really worth the wait?!??"

I assured him that it was! *VBG*

(NOTE: Gilbert and I RARELY wait for anything. Life's too short, IMHO, to wait FOREVER at a cash register, or at a restaurant, or whatever...)

Well, we FINALLY get a table and place our order.

Here's a picture of Gilbert and our salad. *s*

I had ordered the
"Smoked Mozarella Fonduta"

OMG... this was INCREDIBLE!!!

Lovely, melted cheese with just a hint of "smokiness" and a bit of spicyness, too!

Gilbert ordered a pasta dish, with cheese and
I got the angel hair pasta with a meat sauce.

And they bring you these INCREDIBLE mini breads, brushed with garlic butter and garlic salt!

Well, needless to say, we left there STUFFED!


From the Olive Garden, we went to "Best Buys" - a computer and techy store. Gilbert wanted to browse and browse we did! *grin*

And then, onto the US Post Office. I had a few parcels to mail. Mailing from the US is cheaper and faster than the Canadian Postal Service!

After the Post Office, we stopped at a convenience store - Gilbert wanted to pick up a couple USA lottery tickets.

We had wanted to go to JoAnn's and L.L. Bean, along with a couple other spots, but by then, it was getting late and we wanted to get home before dark. Remember? We had a 3-1/2 hour drive back home!

Well, once in Calais and just before we re-crossed the border back to Canada, we decided to stop at Walmart. I picked up 2 pairs of shoes, we got a LOT of snack items, a few more quilting thingies that I had forgotten to get at Marden's and Gilbert got himself a t-shirt.

Got home around 8h30 p.m., with LOADS of "stuff" to get out of our car!

Once again, I'll blog soon, with pictures of what we got.

Saturday morning and the sun's shining - What a GORGEOUS day!

Hope you all have a "Gorgeous Saturday"!!!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mama Mia Pizza!!!!

Hi There!

February 9th - International Pizza Day...
or so we were told.


Wikipedia (on pizza)

Guess what WE'RE having for supper,
this evening?!?!?

Grab yourself a nice pizza,
with ooozing cheese, all over it!


(and NO, I'm NOT Italian! LOL)