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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lego Blocks!!!

Hi There!

Spent a VERY relaxing day, at home today.

Gilbert worked on a custom quilt and then, he worked on one of my 30's baby quilts!!!

One Handed Meandering!

Then, Barb H. sent me a link to a blog where they're making "Lego Blocks". The blog is called "Lazy Gal Quilting". At first, I thought they were nuts! Then, 1/2 an hour later, I re-clicked on the blog again and thought, "Hmmm... that DOES sound like quite the challenge... I wonder if...."

And that's all it took!

These are fun to sew and add up quickly. I just hope that I can manage to work on them part time and not full time, like I sometimes get carried away and forget about everything else! LOL

Took me a few hours to cut up my scraps to 1-1/2 inch Lego blocks. I've designated this cute basket that Cyn F. had given me a few Christmases past, as my OFFICIAL Lego Block Holder.

And, after much thought, I've decided to sew my strips together like the Lasagna Quilt.

I also decided that I would make mine 6-1/2 inch square.

I managed to cut up and sew back together 2 blocks!!!

That's it....

Outta here!


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