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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quilty Ladies

Hi There!

Do you remember my "Quilty Ladies" blog?

Well, I FINALLY finished binding them all and yes, some of them became wall hangings...

In Bertha's Room, above the bathroom door (left) and the client's closet, where Gilbert keeps their finished and unfinished quilts.

And I added one of them over my own (stash) closet.

Note: This is MY organized shelf. Gilbert seems to disagree with me, but I can proudly say that I know where 80% of my "stuff" is, in my room!

Good 'nuff for me!!!


Here's a cute mug rug with it's black binding all finished.

She has arms full of fabrics and quilty notions.

Here are 2 ladies sharing.

The line to the ironing station.

And yet another waiting line.

Yesterday, I finished off a 30's (pinkish) baby quilt.

Sunday morning and I'm hoping to...
Do laundry.
Make a "horsey" pillow case.
(don't ask - I'll explain later)
Work on my 30's (blueish) baby quilt.
Work on the t-shirt quilt.
Have fun.

Obviously, I won't get HALF the stuff done but it's still nice to dream, eh?


Have a great Sunday!



Barb said...

How fun are those!!!

Majid Ali said...
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