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Monday, August 8, 2011

Spider, Christmas Log Cabin and T-Shirt Quilts!!!

Hi There!

A quilt's not finished till the label's on the back!

Finished it, this past weekend!

And here's a picture of the back of this quilt.
I wanted something fun and

And, here she is,
on my clothesline, enveloped in fog!

And here's yet ANOTHER quilt
that I finished this weekend!

Hmmm... but it's not quite finished.
My quilty internet friends tell me
that I need to make a label for this one, as well.... even though it's a commissioned quilt.

I'll work on that this week, or this upcoming weekend.

And yet another picture,
of it blowing in the wind.

Seriously, it looks a LOT better in person!

I just LOVE these traditional Christmas colors.... I'm having a hard time accepting lime greens and pinks as Christmas colors.

*scratching her head*

I guess you can call me old fashioned....

And now, here's my latest project....

A new customer asked me
to make a "T-Shirt" quilt.

I cut up the t-shirts on Sunday.

Experimented with one of Gilbert's old t-shirts and a "stabilizer" that I had picked up.

Now, I just got to go back to the store and pick up some more of that "stabilizer" and it worked PERFECT on Gilbert's old T-shirt.

And, in the meantime, I'm been mulling over how I'm going to do this.

Stay tuned, folks - there's bound to be more shared pictures down the road!



Riel Nason said...

Your spiderweb turned out just great. Love the colours -- fog or not.

Susan said...

You are really finishing a lot at one time........

Congratulations........Happy Dancing for you.

Quiltdoodles said...

I look forward to seeing how you do the t-shirt quilt.

tich said...

Absolutely gorgeous quilts!!