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Monday, August 29, 2011

If The Cookie Fits....

Hi There!

Today, Gilbert and I had a few errands to run .... You can read all about it HERE, but the reason I'm posting this evening is to share with you.

Once again, I'm a great believer in fate or Karma or "what was meant to be was meant to be".

At dinner time, Gilbert and I decided to go eat at our new Chinese Buffet restaurant.

Anyhow, a good friend of mine has nicknamed herself "The Princess" and, as I think of my close friends very often - you know who you are - when I saw this drink on our paper place mat, I KNEW I had to grab a picture!

No, I didn't get the drink but when I do return there, I certainly will.... and I will salute "The Princess"!



Guess what my fortune cookie read?!?!?!?!


I'm on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!!

I certainly PLAN on relaxing and enjoying myself!!!!



Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lego Blocks!!!

Hi There!

Spent a VERY relaxing day, at home today.

Gilbert worked on a custom quilt and then, he worked on one of my 30's baby quilts!!!

One Handed Meandering!

Then, Barb H. sent me a link to a blog where they're making "Lego Blocks". The blog is called "Lazy Gal Quilting". At first, I thought they were nuts! Then, 1/2 an hour later, I re-clicked on the blog again and thought, "Hmmm... that DOES sound like quite the challenge... I wonder if...."

And that's all it took!

These are fun to sew and add up quickly. I just hope that I can manage to work on them part time and not full time, like I sometimes get carried away and forget about everything else! LOL

Took me a few hours to cut up my scraps to 1-1/2 inch Lego blocks. I've designated this cute basket that Cyn F. had given me a few Christmases past, as my OFFICIAL Lego Block Holder.

And, after much thought, I've decided to sew my strips together like the Lasagna Quilt.

I also decided that I would make mine 6-1/2 inch square.

I managed to cut up and sew back together 2 blocks!!!

That's it....

Outta here!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!

Hi There!

Yesterday, I officially started my 2 week holiday and, as it the tradition, I'll be maintaining my Vacation Journal and uploading as many silly pictures as possible. *grin*

(click on the coconut drink to read what I've been doing...)

Every time I start my vacation, I automatically start humming this song!!!

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!

Last weekend, I managed to finish a baby quilt top, in 30's fabrics...

Thursday evening, I believe, I finished off the 2nd one and this morning, I finished the 3rd one. Mind you, I had been sewing these blocks together, for quite a while. All I really had left to do, was to sew the strips (across), together.

The other 2 "blue" ones are identical to this (pink) one 'cept they're in mostly blue colors.

And this evening, I pulled out that king size Batik quilt and, with Gilbert's help, measured the quilt and cut up the strips to make the border.

By the time I turned out the lights and shut down my sewing machine, I had 3 sides sewn on.

That's about it, in my life.

Waiting for Irene,
our tropical storm...


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silly Me...

Hi There!

Yesterday, Gilbert and I had a few things that needed to be picked up. On the spur of the moment, we decided to stop in at a new store called "San Francisco". It's got a lot of joke, novelty kind of items - stuff that you'd buy, bring home and probably end up putting it in a yard sale a couple years later, for 1/10th the original cost.

Well, I decided to try on a few novelty eye glasses.

Gilbert snapped pictures with his iPhone!

Top left hand corner - they're "Beer Goggles".


Hope you get a chance to do something silly...

Silly things help us get in touch with our "inner" child.



Quilty Ladies

Hi There!

Do you remember my "Quilty Ladies" blog?

Well, I FINALLY finished binding them all and yes, some of them became wall hangings...

In Bertha's Room, above the bathroom door (left) and the client's closet, where Gilbert keeps their finished and unfinished quilts.

And I added one of them over my own (stash) closet.

Note: This is MY organized shelf. Gilbert seems to disagree with me, but I can proudly say that I know where 80% of my "stuff" is, in my room!

Good 'nuff for me!!!


Here's a cute mug rug with it's black binding all finished.

She has arms full of fabrics and quilty notions.

Here are 2 ladies sharing.

The line to the ironing station.

And yet another waiting line.

Yesterday, I finished off a 30's (pinkish) baby quilt.

Sunday morning and I'm hoping to...
Do laundry.
Make a "horsey" pillow case.
(don't ask - I'll explain later)
Work on my 30's (blueish) baby quilt.
Work on the t-shirt quilt.
Have fun.

Obviously, I won't get HALF the stuff done but it's still nice to dream, eh?


Have a great Sunday!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Frienship Heart, T-Shirt Progress and a Chick Night!!!

Hi There!

A couple weeks or so, I received a surprise gifty from my friend Brigitte!

She included one of her incredible cards and .....

This beautiful hand appliquéd heart and YES, she went and embroidered in between the pieces!

Thanks Brigitte!!!!

As for the T-Shirt Quilt, I now have one and a half rows completed.

And GUESS WHAT!?!??!

Tomorrow I'm going to go see the new, and much talked about and blogged about and emailed about, movie "The Help"!!!

I called up one of my sisters and one of my cousins and we were all (mentally) squealing like a bunch of teenage girls in front of the Beatles, or Elvis Presley - which image floats your moat...


(Click on that yellow picture for more info.)

Can't wait to see this movie!!!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

T-Shirt Progress

Hi There!

Early this morning, I got to work on the T-Shirt Quilt.

I FINALLY added all the light-weight iron-on interfacing.

THAT took a while and to be honest, it was kinda boring but I plowed through it and finished ALL of the blocks.

Keep in mind that these will NOT be the final placements for these blocks.

Some of the blocks were too small, so I have to build them up to 12 inches.

This fabric looks like blue but trust me.... it's a nice royal purple.

And purple is my client's daughter's favorite color!


All of the smaller blocks are all "built up" to 12 inches.

And then, by magic, it was 7 p.m. and I closed up the studio, for the evening.

This is to be a Christmas quilt but I'd sure like to have it finished and out of the house, ASAP.

And I'm positive my client would like to see it finished ASAP, as well.


Hope you have a great week!

Me, I'm counting how many days are left till I'm on vacation.
(see Countdown Banner at the top of my blog)


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday's Activities.

Hi There!

Gilbert and I had a few errands to run this morning. Got home by 11h30, ate some leftover pizza from last night's supper and then, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to business.

I had made these 4 wall hangings, in May or June this year, and never made the tabs to hang them up.

They're supposed to be hung up in Bertha's room, to display Gilbert's micro stippling.

BTW, just a bit of info that I've recently learned....

The difference between meandering and stippling, when it comes to quilting...

Meandering is bigger. Think of a long, windy road in the country.

Stippling is like meandering but tiny, tiny, tiny stitches. Some people refer to this kind of quilting as "Micro Stippling", sometimes.

The wall hangings are about 4 inches across and 12 inches high and they're called "Garden Banners".

Yes, I did embroidery on some of them.

This one is pieced together
and machine appliquéd.

And this is the first time that I appliquéd with wool and I just LOVED it!!!

Easy to do and I just LOVE the different texture and feel that it gave to this one!

And this one... what can I say?
I used too big of a size with my Perl Cotton.

It's hard to read the words and I didn't have the heart to take it apart and re-do it.

"Love Awaits at the Edge of a Petal".

And I chenilled the pieces on this one.

Now, while I worked on the tabs for these 4 wall hangings - which took ALL afternoon, BTW - Gilbert decided that he would start work on those painted blocks. You know? On the back of his ironing board.

I thought I'd share his progress, with you.

He selected 3 traditional blocks.

Can you guess which ones they are?

Well, that's it.

S'now 11h12 p.m. and I'm heading off to bed.

Tomorrow, I start - seriously - working on that t-shirt quilt.
(I had picked up the required interfacing this morning).


Baby Snowball Quilt (For Sale)

Hi There!

Gilbert and "Bertha", our longarm machine, have been extremely busy lately - THANK GOD!!! - but I managed to get them to quilt one of my baby quilts...

I've posted some pictures of the progress on this quilt and today, I'm pleased to tell you that it's now finished and the binding's finished AND this one's for sale
and listed on KiJiJi.
(please contact me if you're interested)

The background on the back is dark pink with cute cats, dogs and mice.

And here's a close up of quilted pattern, called "Daisy", done with a nice pink thread.

Hope you're having a Super Saturday!

Here, the sun "supposed" to be with us for today and tomorrow!



Monday, August 8, 2011

Spider, Christmas Log Cabin and T-Shirt Quilts!!!

Hi There!

A quilt's not finished till the label's on the back!

Finished it, this past weekend!

And here's a picture of the back of this quilt.
I wanted something fun and

And, here she is,
on my clothesline, enveloped in fog!

And here's yet ANOTHER quilt
that I finished this weekend!

Hmmm... but it's not quite finished.
My quilty internet friends tell me
that I need to make a label for this one, as well.... even though it's a commissioned quilt.

I'll work on that this week, or this upcoming weekend.

And yet another picture,
of it blowing in the wind.

Seriously, it looks a LOT better in person!

I just LOVE these traditional Christmas colors.... I'm having a hard time accepting lime greens and pinks as Christmas colors.

*scratching her head*

I guess you can call me old fashioned....

And now, here's my latest project....

A new customer asked me
to make a "T-Shirt" quilt.

I cut up the t-shirts on Sunday.

Experimented with one of Gilbert's old t-shirts and a "stabilizer" that I had picked up.

Now, I just got to go back to the store and pick up some more of that "stabilizer" and it worked PERFECT on Gilbert's old T-shirt.

And, in the meantime, I'm been mulling over how I'm going to do this.

Stay tuned, folks - there's bound to be more shared pictures down the road!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leftover Christmas Lasagna Quilt

Hi there!

I finally finished the Christmas Log Cabin quilt top.

Gilbert managed to squeeze it in between 2 clients
and got it "quilted".

(picture below - not quilted yet)

Here it is, all quilted.

This is the quilt that a customer requested.
Hope she likes it.

And since I had some extra strips of fabric left over, I decided to make one of those, recently popular in my city, "lasagna" quilts.

I'm calling it "Leftover Christmas Lasagna".


I'll be taking better pictures of both these projects, once they're completely "completed".

In case you're wondering....

I finished binding the
"Chicky Baby Quilt".
I have the Log Cabin quilt to bind.
I have our Spider Web quilt to bind - remember that one?
I have some "Mug Rugs" to bind.

A new client came over this evening, with approx. 20 t-shirts. I've agreed to make a "Memory" quilt, for her daughter.

And I'm seriously thinking of pulling out one of my UFO's and get a start on that, too!...

Need more time.
Anyone got any to spare?

Have you're having a Tremendous Thursday!