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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Batik Progress

Hi There!

Gilbert's been helping me with cutting the green frames on these blocks. And, every time I have a few minutes, I've been sewing the green frames onto the batik blocks.

These blocks were a block swap that my friend, Helen Marie was in. She kindly forwarded her received blocks to me, a few years ago.

So, this would definitely qualify as a UFO (UnFinished Object)!

These are only a few of them.

I'm hoping to finish this one off as a King Quilt.

These blocks are squared up at 16-1/2" and as I mentioned, there are more blocks to be done.

Here's a close up of some of the blocks.

And here's a picture of the black batik that I will use in between each block.

(click on the black batik picture to see it better)

Since Gilbert and I don't particularly care for batiks, this quilt might go to my sister, Sylvie.

Not sure yet.

C U Later!



Barb said...

I just love your quilt!!

Karen in South Jersey said...

This is going to be a beautiful quilt. Who ever receives it, is lucky.

Susan said...

Stunning.... Simply stunning.

Debra said...

Hi Rosa, i was wondering if you are able to help me. I am trying desperately to find a 12 1/2 inch spool block pattern. I dont know how to modify other sizes. Are you able to help. I notice you have done some, through searching the web.
Lovely work!!
Thank you so much. Debra

Elly D said...

This is going to be a gorgeous quilt Rosa :) Even though I'm not gooie eyed about Batiks either ;) This is very very nice. :) I'm sure your sister will love it.

levolip....Blue lipstick.. LOL..