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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tic, Toc... Tic, Toc...

Hi There!

Last February, while in Florida, I went to visit a few fabric stores. While there, I picked up the funniest gal fabric, knowing full well that I would certainly find SOMETHING to make with it!


I even managed to pick up some coordinating pineapple fabric and some matching charcoal/black!

I've decided to finally make ME a lap quilt! And as this fabric reminds me of Frummie and Elaine, AND the fruit ladies are comical.... well, it's a cheerful, pick-me-up kind of quilt!

Here's the top of the quilt. Gilbert and "Bertha" - our longarm Gammill - did their magic on it, once again.

I selected our new pantogram called "Sunny Day" and it certainly showed up, on the back of the quilt!

Once I've finished binding it, I'll show you the completed pictures of this lap quilt, that I've named "My Fruity Ladies".

This evening, I tried making another "Blue Ocean" drink.

This time, I used:
1 shot of Blue Curaco
1 shot of Coconut Rum
1 small can of pineapple juice
1/4 cup of orange juice
and 1/4 shot of Grenadine.

It was fruity and tasty but instead of "Blue Ocean", it looked more like....

"Swamp Water"!!!



Here's why the clock has been ticking, ticking, ticking....

One whole week of (almost) wasted time - practically NO sewing AT ALL...

"What was I doing?", you ask.

I was trying to figure out FaceBook!

Someone FINALLY explained to me why Gilbert and I needed to have a FaceBook "Page"... to help spread the word of "The 3 A Quilting".

Soooooooo..... with the help of family and friends, we've got somewhat of a "Page" started up.

Please be so kind as to visit us and YEP.....


as well....



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