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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My 2 New(?) Projects...

Hi There!

Well, next on my UFO (Un-Finished Object) Radar are some batik blocks HM, my friend in Georgia, had sent to me many, many moons ago.

I had pulled these out several times since receiving them and simply couldn't figure out HOW to put them together. *s*

Finally, Sunday morning, I realized that I needed to make 2 more blocks, which I did and upsize them to 16-1/2 inches, making sure that they'd be ALL the same size.

Doesn't look like much, right now, but trust me... I DO have a plan!


Then, on my break today, I suddenly got the urge to work on another scrappy quilt!

So, I quickly sketched a baby quilt design on scrap paper and once I got home, after work, immediately went to work on these blocks.

Would you believe that I managed to sew all 12 blocks, in about 3 hours!?!?!?

Once again, these blocks don't look like much, but they will be snow ball blocks.

I'll be posting lots of progress pictures.

Stayed tuned!


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