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Friday, June 24, 2011

Need Some Suggestions...

Hi There!

Well, all my blocks are finished at 12-1/2" square each and the rows have been sewn together. In fact, I just need to sew the top 2 rows together..

Here's why I'm looking for suggestions.

This crib size quilt is now at 36 inches X 48 inches.

I'd like to add a border.

What kind or color do you suggest?

And if so, how wide?

Please disregard the other "stuff" on my design wall, as well as Minou, our cat. Minou decided she HAD to inspect my work.
(she's on the bottom right hand corner of this picture)

I was originally thinking of adding a white border and white binding, to make the snowballs "float", but then I realized that this quilt will be for a baby and an all white quilt might not be a good idea.

After re-thinking, I thought perhaps a 2" strip of pink, all around the edge, with a 1" strip of green and then, another 2" strip of green.

What cha think, eh?



Joyce said...
This is a quilt that is similar to yours. They did a very simple border. I made this quilt 2 years ago as a shop sample.

Kathie said...

I would make a piano key border using all the fabrics you used inside the snowballs, will tie in all the colors and add more color to the quilt

Marianne said...

What about cutting your various pink and green scraps into 2" squares and making a strip alternating with white? Sew this on, and follow with a plain white strip to finish. Love your snowballs!