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Monday, June 27, 2011

Cat Pie, Anyone?!?!

Hi There!

Well, one more quilty project, waiting for Gilbert and Bertha (our Longarm machine) to do their magic.

Thanks to a lovely gifty from Barb H., a couple years ago, I will be using her fabric for the back.

Cute, eh?

And another BIG thanks for the 3 comments that I got, suggesting how I should finish the border on this quilt.

I picked one of them and modified it slightly.

As I was working on my batik blocks, this evening, Gilbert was puttering around. I asked if he wanted to help me, with cutting up logs for a UFO (Un-Finished Object) Log Cabin quilt that I had started 2 years ago.

Even though he has difficulty with English, he was able to read the directions and Gilbert IS precise, when cutting wood!

The old saying "Measure Twice, Cut Once"
applies to wood, as well as fabric, for him!

Aren't I the lucky quilter?!?!?

He doesn't mind cutting my fabric
AND he's precise?!?!?

Yep - he's a keeper!


Gilbert and I bought one of those humungous pies at Costco. These pies come in a plastic container.

This time, I decided to keep the plastic container for "something".

Minou, our cat, decided to take over.

As you can see, she more than fills up the pie plate!


Actually, she kept sleeping on my ironing board!

So, I decided to put some scrap fabric in the empty pie plate and she took to it, like a duck to water!

Gilbert says she slept in it, almost all day!


Have a great week!


1 comment:

LiteMotif said...

Oh Rosa, At first I was going to respectfully decline the cat pie offer, but after seeing it I would love to have one!