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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strippy Snowball Blocks and Quilty Ladies!

Hi There!

Rushed home, in a hurry to work on my newest project, my "Strippy Snowball Blocks" and as I walked in the door, Gilbert says, "We need to go out and buy some colored pencils."

Oooohhhh kaaaaay....

Jumped in the car with Gilbert, picked up a few items, rushed back home, shoved pre-made casserole in the oven and scooted on over in front of my sewing machine to work on these cute blocks.

Managed to finish off completely, 2 snowball blocks and then, it was time for supper.

Today, Gilbert longarmed a panel for me.

As I will be cutting these cuties up, I asked that he do a simple meandering.

(hanging on the wall)

(still pinned on the longarm)

This is for quilt shopping and retreats!

This shows a quilter with LOTS of chocolate and candies and snacks and, and, and....


And this one shows the Ironing Line...

I plan on making mug rugs and mini wall hangings.

Stay Tuned!



Terry said...

Lovin the strippy snowballs :)
How are all your UFOs coming along? hehehehe

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Loving the strippy snowball blocks. May have to try some of those myself, LOL!