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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Greatest Invention. Ever. (By Prairie Moon Quilts)

Hi There!

My friend, over at Prairie Moon Quilts has the most entertaining blog posts.... specially when she's talking about her life on the ranch and their occupants.

For Gilbert and I, it's like you were to plunk us down on another planet... hard to imagine but certainly very entertaining to read!

And her blog post called "Bovine Hair Styles" s'gotta be one of my favoritest blog posts of all time!


Well, she's having a blog contest, again, and this one ends June 28th.... on Tuesday. She has these blog contests from time to time and I've been very fortunate to have won a couple times.

This time, I thought I'd share with all of you.


Enter her contest FIRST and THEN, go read the rest of her blog posts. If you start reading first, you might get lost reading about her cows and horses and dog and, and, and....


Oh... before I sign off, and since I don't have any quilt pictures to share with you, this time it will be a "funny".

We're heading out, this morning, for our usual "Saturday Morning Errands" and you ALL know how much I enjoy THAT!!!

*making a grimace*

But this time, we'll be visiting 2 new, freshly opened stores, so it should be fun!

Yep - I'll try and take a few pics to share!


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Shelly said...

Thanks, Rosa! Have fun shopping!