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Friday, June 10, 2011

LOTS of "Eye Candy"!!!!

Hi There!

My friend Barb did some cleaning up, lately. She wrote me an email and asked me if I wanted some of her magazines and books.

I replied, "SURE!!!"

I mean, did she REALLY think I'd say "no"?!?!?


Yesterday, her hubby dropped off TWO (double bagged) shopping bags filled with "Eye Candy"!!!

And some incredibly nice books!!!

Gilbert's already flipped through the one called "Fast & Fun Machine Quilting". A lot of their tips and tricks can be converted to longarm quilting.... and he's ESPECIALLY keen on Trapunto quilting!

He had seen this kind of result before,
but didn't know how to reproduce it.... till now.


I'll keep you all posted on his trapunto!

Hope you have an excellent weekend!


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