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Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 more Sparkling Jane Blocks!

Hi there!

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday), we got quite a bit of rain!

What an EXCELLENT opportunity to sew! *VBG*

Managed to finish off 3 more DJ blocks,
for my "Sparkling Jane" quilt.

I had this green fabric, tucked away in my
"Civil War" fabric bin.

Now, it's probably not CW fabrics,
but it was in those tones and that's good 'nuff for me!

Anyhow, recently I had to go into my green CW bin
and noticed that this piece had gold speckles, in it!

This block is:
G-11 (Decisions, Decisions)

This fabric came from my friend Barb.

Last weekend, I had a brief visit with Barb
and she passed along some Christmas fabrics
or gold/silver threaded fabrics.

I remember Barb passing over some small pieces and saying,
"I'm not sure. These may be too small."

Barb - some of the DJ blocks only require a SMALL amount!


Anyhow, the pinkish piece is batik and has
lovely "silver" in it.

Once again, the photo doesn't do it justice.

This block is:

B-13 (Four Corner Press)

And this red/burgundy piece came from my friend, Mardelle!!

This block is called:

C-1 (Trooper Green's Badge)

I'm starting to build up quite the collection of
Christmas "sparkly" fabric,
and am trying to make blocks, as fast as my
fingers can sew them up!

Picked up some more Christmas "sparkly" fabrics,
when we went yard sailing, yesterday.

Will blog about that, later....


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Pat from FL and MI said...

This is going to be such a unique and special Jane!