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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick - Quilt Show 2 of 3

Hi There!

Here's part 2 of 3,
from our Saturday quilt trip,
in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

And now, without further ado,
here are some of the quilt pictures,
from the
"Quoddy Quilts 2009"
quilt show.

This one was called:
"Floral Basket Appliqué"

Now, first of all, I'm in a basket block group, right?

Second of all, my friend Barb had been to this quilt show
the day before me, and her hubby Ray
had mentioned the fact that this quilt
was called "Floral Basket Appliqué",
and yet, the baskets were filled with FRUITS!

I giggled, deep down inside, when I saw this quilt....
Plus, the baskets and their fruits reminded me
of another one of my friends - Frummie!
Frummie draws/designs the most
ADORABLE fruits!!!!


(NOTE: The quilt looks stained, but it's NOT!!!
Trust me... it's not - blame the photographer, please!)

Sorry.... didn't get the name of this one,
but I LOVED the BRIGHT colors used...

Don't you?

I think this one was called:
"Christmas Star"

What fascinated me, about these
two table runners was that they used
shimmery, gold and silver fabrics!!!

Good Grief!
Maybe I was some kind of bird,
in a previous life?!??
You know - the kind of bird that
steals "bright" things?!?


And this one was....
"Christmas Poinsettia Lattice Runner"

I just LOVED all the beautiful greens, in this one!!!!

Let me introduce you to:
"Green With Envy"

Call me crazy, but I've ALWAYS loved
a Log Cabin quilt!!!!

Love the colors in this one, too!

Here's another one, that I should have taken
the time to write it's name, but I didn't.

I love the fact that it's just a "nice"
quilt, till they went and added that
extra "pizaaazzz" to it -

Appliqué'd wreaths!!!!!

Gorgeous, isn't it?!??

Now, here's another one that I (unfortunately)
didn't write the name down....

I think what REALLY adds that
extra "OOMPH" to a quilt,
is the appliquéd vines and flowers...


I'm not sure... we were kind of in a hurry,
but I think they might have been selling
tickets on this quilt.

My Aunt's sitting down,
digging through her purse.



I really DO have to get to my
cousin's snowman quilt blocks and this will
give me some ideas!!!

In fact, I think this one was called:


My Aunt voted on this one....

She was enthralled by the embroidery!

And this is the one that I voted on....

Because it's a Log Cabin and because it's Reversible...

AND, I just wish I knew how to make this!

It's like a whole bunch of little tubes, all stuffed!


This one was called:
"Reversible Log Cabin"

My friend Barb has been to MANY quilt shows
and she told me that this was probably the smallest quilt show,
she had ever attended....
but that the quilts were, nevertheless spectacular!!!

There were approx. 29 bed quilts,
43 wall hangings and minatures and
8 baby quilts.

Now, tomorrow evening,
I'll share the last bunch of pictures
from my trip.


"Take life with a pinch of salt...
A wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila."

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Cyn ;-) said...

I feel like you just took all of us with you to this lovely quilt show -- thank you! *g*
If you find out any info on that reversible LG, I hope you will share it. It's wonderful.