Rosa's World

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada D'Eh !!!!

Hi There!

Had a pretty quiet day, today....

Did some sewing -
Now, THAT'S my favorite activity!!!


We're supposed to have fireworks,
this evening.

To all you Canadians out there....

Happy Canada D'Eh !!!!!!

Only 4 more days left and then,
it's back to work...



Cyn ;-) said...

Hope u r having a wonderful vacay from work.
Happy Canada Day! Enjoy the fireworks.
We'll be setting some off in the USA in two more days. *g*

Anonymous said...

Hope you continue to enjoy your days!! Testing a return now....
Have you accomplished all you wanted? Now will test with two returns.

Tried links on my blog today. Yet to get into where to keep a list of my favourite blogs. Now another single return.
This will seem strange when read by others!!
Just did another single return. I have a project to start under taking for my town. Another single return coming up....
I'll blog about this big project in due course.


Susan said...

Me again,

seemed to work okay here!! I didn't do my google account!!!

Mimi said...

Hope you had a great day Rosa.

Thank you for all the blogging tips and for being my first follower. :)