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Sunday, July 19, 2009

July's Basket Block

Hi There!

I think I mentioned this on my blog, before,
but I've joined a Yahoo group, for "Basket Blocks".

It'll be a BOM (Block Of the Month),
starting in September but for now,
we're having fun playing around with (practice) blocks.


The (practice) one that was designated for July
was a rather difficult Lilly Block.

I was getting rather discouraged because I had
difficulty with the instructions.
My friend, Diane, suggested that I start with the lily blocks - hand sewn -
and THEN, do the other blocks.

Well, that's what I did! Thanks Diane!!!

Above, is a picture of one of the lily blocks....

Now, the 2 pictures below are 2 screw-ups
or bloopers, if you wish,
of my LAST lily block!

I had HAND SEWN the LAST seam
onto the wrong side.

You know the feeling with you're as
proud as a peacock, lift up the block that you've been working on,
only to realize that there's been a MAJOR mistake?!?!?

Anyhow, yesterday afternoon (Saturday),
after we came back from garage sailing/sale'ing,
and it was raining in full force, by then,
I decided to finish this block!

GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I slightly remembered that the pattern said it was a
16 inch FINISHED block.....

But, that's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

I've been sooooo used to working with
4.5 inch Dear Jane or Midget blocks,
that I had forgotten what 16 inches looked like!


At one point, I thought,
"Hey! This could even be my Medallion Block!!!"

Anyhow, when September rolls around,
who knows, eh?
Maybe the Basket Mistress will be dole'ing out these
"Fred Flintstone" sized blocks!



1 comment:

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...


Your Lily block looks BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job and what a great idea to use it as the "center" of the quilt. Fabulous idea girlfriend!

Nice work!


Elaine in SLO, Ca