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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Puzzling Thought

Hi There!

After Christmas, I decided to pick up a puzzle.
I LOVE puzzles!

I remember, at the time, my Mom asking me,
"But when are you going to find the time to MAKE this puzzle?!??"

"Oh, I'll work on it, here and there....", I replied.

Well, 2 or 3 months later, and after picking up
I don't know HOW many times, fallen pieces
off the floor, I decided to bring
the yet-to-be-assembled puzzle, to my Mom.

My parents live in a small village.
Just before I wrote this blog, I Googled
their village, for it's population.

In 2001, the population was 402.

Now, my parents moved there AFTER 2001,
along with their best friends, John and Eva.

So, let's just say that the population has
grown to 406 and we'll not think about the
population that has since "passed on"... *s*

Anyhow, I remember SPECIFICALLY
telling her that I was in NO HURRY
to get my glued puzzle back and
that it would make a LOVELY
Christmas gift, even!

Well, when her and Eva saw the box cover
of my puzzle, they apparently HAD
to hurry up and finish the on-going
puzzle and start this one!!!

I think it was done in 2 weeks!


In the meantime, I took a trip across the border
to the USA and saw this BEEE-UUU-TEEE-FUL puzzle!!!

It had a lady doing cross stitch
and I do believe there's a quilt, in this puzzle picture.

I gave this to her and, once again, SPECIFICALLY said,
"There's no hurry! This would make a SPLENDID Christmas gift!"

Well, her and Eva and already finished the 1st one
and quickly worked on this one!

I think their village needs more of a "night life",
that 2 gals getting together,
sipping wine and putting puzzles together!


But, they apparently LOVE the country life...

Well, you ALL know Murphy's Law, right?

I honestly didn't realize that they were busily
putting together these TWO puzzles and
glueing them RIGHT AWAY....

In the meantime, Gilbert and I went to a yard sale,
one Saturday morning and I saw the kind
of puzzle that I've ALWAYS wanted!!!!

And it was only 50 cents!!!!

Now, this was TRULY the mother-lode
of ALL puzzles!!!!

I called up my Mom and said,
"I hope you haven't started or glued those 2 other puzzles, yet.
I've just picked up the puzzle of my dreams!"

Well, as you can tell by the pictures,
all THREE puzzles got done, in record time
AND all THREE got glued, too!

Then, I had to find room for these puzzles!

Mom was asking me, this evening if I had hung
them up and where did they go.


Here ya go, Mom!

And YES, I love all THREE of them....

and NO, I won't be picking up any more puzzles...



1 comment:

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

WOW! Your Mom and Eva are good!

I LOVE your "Mother Lode of All Puzzles"... and to think that you only paid $.50 and ALL the pieces were there!

Your sewing room is looking really nice! Love your wall decor!


Elaine in SLO,Ca
PS: I don't "do" puzzles... spatial relationship is diminished but LOVE them!

PS#2:I just realized that there is no "cent" symbol on computers... interesting! When did that happen???