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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And yet, 8 more Easy Smeasy Sparkling Dear Jane Blocks!

Hi There!

Went on a Dear Jane (DJ) Olympic sewing sprint
and managed to sew these up, since Sunday!

The appliquéd ones - I've been working on,
during the evenings.

This one is A-6 (Uncle Homer)
NOTE: the green's a lot nicer than this pic!

This one is called
H-13 (Farm Fields) and is a BRIGHT red,
bordering on (almost) orange,
but it had nice sparkly flecks in it....

I really couldn't segregate this one!

And this one is called:
J-4 (Adelaine's Apron Strings)

Okay, here's the neat part about my Christmas quilt....

I've given myself the liberty to play around with the colours!

See anything different with G-5 (Poof)????!
And I just LOVE the Gold sparkly fabric, too!!!!

And, here's ANOTHER one that
I played around with the colours!!!

C-9 (Jane's Tears).
I fussy cut the fabric and told Gilbert
that Jane's Tears had stars in them!

Another cutie....
F-13 (Tour de France)

And let me introduce you to:
A-5 (Cathie's Campfire)

And last, but not least.....
B-9 (Tinker Toy)

Will keep you posted on my other blocks,
when they get done!




Miriam said...

Great sparkly blocks Rosa. I love the fussy cutting!

LiteMotif said...

These blocks are fabulous! I think this is a wonderful idea. I really am not working on mine enough but I can see how these little beauties would inspire.

Wenche said...

I'm not a huge fan myself of these fabrics Rosa, but I love what you do to them. This is going to be a sparkeling gem for you once it's finished :)

Ann said...

No doubt you are having fun. That's plain to read and as it should be. Enjoy the trip.

Cyn ;-) said...

Love your blocks, Rosa. Especially your idea of swappping out the BG on a couple. . . what a cool idea! You're inspiring me to get back to my Holiday Jane.

Joyce said...

What a wonderful idea! using DJ blocks and "Midget Blocks". By the way, the midget blocks are up to 89now. I just went over and looked.

I am so excited looking at your beautiful eye candy! It makes me want to pick up my DJ and work on it again. It's mostly pinks and I call it "In the Pink".
Keep up the good work! Joyce Barham, USA