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Thursday, July 9, 2009

More BOM's - Blocks, Houses and Baskets!

Hi There!

Okay, I think I'm the Queen of Block Making...

I started a snowman quilt,
for one of my cousins....

But I DID warn her that I wasn't
the fastest needle in the West!


Anyhow, I managed to finish this block,
last month and didn't get a chance
to share a picture with you...

Here's this month's BOM
(Block Of the Month)....

Remember? The one that I'm doing,
with our local quilt store?

I'm still not crazy about the fabric,
but I certainly WON'T give it up! *grin*

And here's ANOTHER
BOM ... but with houses, this time.

It's a FREEBIE, on the net,
and I do wish she'd give us the choice
to make these houses in
paper piecing!

*long sigh*

Once again.... and what is WRONG with me??!?....

I'm not too, too crazy about these houses, anymore....
but I'll certainly stick with it, till the end. *s*

Now, as some of you might know,
I've signed up with a crazy bunch of people -
better known as "Basket Cases"!


We'll be starting up, seriously to make
"Basket" blocks, in September.

This one is made in 30's fabrics....

And this one was made with Civil War fabrics...

These are what we've been calling
"Practice" or "Fun" blocks....
and they're the block for the month of June.


Even though I haven't put a quilt together in eons,
doesn't mean that I'm not busy.


Busy being the

"Queen of Block Making"




Pat from FL and MI said...

I'm pretty sure that I am the queen of block making! Could there be two of us????????

ranette said...

I think that there must be three of us "Queens of the block of the months" I have to stop working on individual blocks and slam a quilt top together to see some progress in my quilting life!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

NO, I am "THE" Queen of the Block. I'd have many quilts "if" I would just put them together! Maybe, some day... too busy making MORE blocks...

Rosa, LOVE your basket blocks! And the snowman is adorable! Good job!


Elaine in SLO, Ca