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Sunday, July 11, 2010

2 (and a half) UFO Sightings!!!

Hi There!

Well, after doing 3 or 4 quilts, Gilbert told me that he needed a wrist pincushion, like the lady in the video. I understood who he was referring to, but in case you're wondering, he was referring to Linda V. Taylor, on the Gammill website. There's a few videos on their site, that show you how to load your quilt, how to quilt, etc, etc.

Well, we looked HIGH and LOW, on the internet to find a wrist pincushion that he felt would be useful for him. Couldn't find one.

Found some guy selling some on Ebay. Gilbert wrote to him, asking what the dimensions of the pincushion were and got no reply. After 3 or 4 days, he re-wrote to him, with the same question.
His reply? "They're the same dimensions as the others."

*scratching our heads*
Anyhow, needless to say, Gilbert put him on his "Ignore" list.
You've GOT to be a special kind of stupid to send off a reply like that!

Sooooo, as usual, when we can find what we're looking for, we put our collective and creative heads together, have a family meeting, come up with a game plan or design and just MAKE IT OURSELVES!

He wanted something black, easy to slip on and off and with velcro... something similar to the what they used in "that video".

Works for him and he's now a happy camper,
or should I write....
"Happy Quilter"?

My friend Elaine had sent me, this spring, several boxes of INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL fabric and inside 1 of these boxes were 2 panels of lovely Victorian tea themed fabrics.

This panel SCREAMED place mats!!!

I had to fussy cut and build around each piece. I decided to add a heart block, from a previous swap that I had done. Soooo, if you see your "heart" block here, trust me - it looks GORGEOUS!!!

Made 6 of these place mats:
2 for my Mom
2 for my Mom's friend, Eva
2 for my Aunt Marcie.

I told them that these were fancy smancy place mats...
to be used when they had tea, with their special friend. *s*

(NOTE: Thanks Elaine, for these gorgeous fabrics!!!)

Two weeks ago, Gilbert's daughter wrote to him, asking if we could make a baby quilt for her friend and that she was prepared to pay for it.

I told Gilbert that (once again), Elaine had sent me a box FULL of American Jane fabrics and I had picked up a pattern specifically for that fabric line and it would be a SNAP to make one!

Well, this quilt top took me Saturday and Sunday to make... only because I made a mistake, which got compounded by trying to continue on with the quilt, instead of ripping out my mistake and fixing it, right away....

This quilt should NOT have taken more than a day!

*long sigh*

Story of my life!

The "top" is now finished. That's why I'm calling this UFO a "half" one.

Gilbert's almost finished longarming my first Dear Jane quilt.

After that, I believe, he'll be doing up this one.


It's now 7h06 a.m. and I'm heading downstairs to work on some more polka dotted Dear Jane blocks, for my second quilt!

Have a great Sunday!!!


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Fiesta said...

Rosa, I love those mats. I am making my daughter a set of mats for every month abd those look so unique. Did I miss a link to the pattern?