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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Which Came First?

Hi There!

Trust me -
You gals 'n guys are TRULY gonna be sick 'n tired of reading about my Dear Jane, by the time it's all said and done!


Final registration deadline, for the
"Kennebecasis Valley Quilting Guild's 30th Annual Show and Sale",
is the 20th of August.

Quilt show:
Starts - Thursday, 16th of September 2010.
Ends - Saturday, 18th of September 2010.

Soooo, I'm guessing that I'll stop blogging about this quilt,
on the 19th of September.

Friday evening, as soon as I got home, Gilbert and I sat down with my DJ and started "brushing" out the pencil marks, on the scallops, with the Magic Recipe. I've nicknamed it the Magic Recipe 'cause I honestly didn't believe it would work and it did!!!

Here's the recipe, given to me by someone on the Dear Jane forum.... Sorry, can't remember your name. *s*


Pencil Marks Removal Recipe:
1/4 cup of water
3/4 cup of rubbing alcohol
7 - 8 of Palmolive liquid detergent

Mix and apply with a toothbrush.


Gilbert hung the quilt on our clothesline.
We needed to let the scallops dry.

Gilbert's looking on and admiring his quilting.
I'm looking on and admiring my piecing skills
and thinking that, never in my WILDEST dreams,
did I EVER expect to see a DJ on my clothesline -
even though it's not binded!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?!?!?


In other words, who's work is more important?


Or course, you need the person to PIECE the quilt together,
yet you don't have a "finished" product until someone "quilts" it together, right?


Well, I think we did incredible team work and whether we win a ribbon or whatever, these submitted quilts will have done several things, in my eyes.

Get my butt into gear, FINISH these quilts, given me the courage to step forward and SUBMIT them to be juried and viewed in front of others and most importantly of all.... get some FREE publicity, for our slow growing business. Slow growing because we're in the middle of summer and most quilters take the summer off and the fact that the quality of our work is still somewhat unknown.

Anyhow, Saturday afternoon, Gilbert created another template to draw OUTSIDE of the quilted scallops and FINALLY cut off the extra fabric, so that we see the scallops, themselves.

And while Gilbert was in the drawing and cutting mood, he also cut out bigger scallops on "My Pink Quilt" - OH MY!!!

What an INCREDIBLE difference scallops make!

Pictures will be uploaded to my blog, once the bindings to these 2 quilts are finished.



martha said...

Rosa and Gilbert. It.Is.Stunning.

Pat from FL and MI said...

I think it is so neat that you are doing this together. LOVE it!

Having your quilt longarmed by your DH is soooo different from having it longarmed by a stranger, and then they really do deserve a lot of the credit for YOUR quilt.

A couple thing. Wonderful!

Riel said...

Oh WOW! It is great. I will definitely be looking for it (and likely standing and staring at it for quite a while) at the show. I totally agree the show is a wonderful motivator. I am also finishing a quilt to submit. Should be fun!

ranette said...

It's just lovely Rosa and Gilbert too...Good job you guys!

tich said...

It looks absolutely fantastic!! Well done, both of you!

quiltmom said...

Its truly a stunning quilt Rosa- You and Gilbert are a great team-
Thanks for sharing- Happy binding.
Warmest regards,

LiteMotif said...

O MY GOODNESS!!! Rosa your Dear Jane is incredible. It makes me cry to see how beautiful she is. That is why we are hooked on Jane...she is breathtaking. I know you and Gilbert are enthralled. I would not be able to stop looking at her if she were mine. Goooood Job. Rebecca

Susan In Texas said...

Your DJ is absolutely gorgeous, Rosa. It took me forever to figure out what you meant by "let the scallops dry". Pencil mark removals maybe? With your special recipe? I'm slow, but I usually get there eventually.

I bet your DJ gets lots of notice at the juried show. It ought to ribbon, but sometimes (at least here in Texas) the judges are kinda jaded about DJ's and they don't always get the recognition they deserve - so try not to take it personally if it happens. In any event, it will be TERRIFIC publicity for your long-arm business, because the average show-goer will DROOL. 8)

Susan in Texas

PS My DJ has been at 9 blocks for over a year now. 8(

Shelly said...

Your DJ looks gorgeous. Congratulations on finishing one!