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Sunday, July 25, 2010

2 Rights DO Make a Wrong!

Hi There!

Well, yesterday afternoon, I took a break from our quilt show preparations - "bindings" and form registrations and nail bitings - and decided to AT LEAST do this week's Dear Jane BOW (Block Of the Week), right?

Well, here's this week's BOW:

L-9 = Walter's Place

And then, because I screwed up and first traced THIS one instead of the the BOW, and AFTER I re-traced the correct BOW and pieced it together, I decided to do this one, anyhow!

L-11 = Caitlin's Rose

And since we've reached our 4 week mark on these BOWs, our BOW mistress also gave us a TOW (Triangle Of the Week) to do, if we were so inclined.


Well, as you can see, one of the black strips on the right is kinda top-heavy, which really wouldn't be a problem for me, right? I'm not THAT fussy... LOL

But, I missed a WHITE center strip - that's why you have 2 black strips, side by side.

HEY!!! You know what?!?!?

Last evening, I was too discouraged and tired to think about this, but I'm re-looking at this one and I'm guessing that I can rip out pieces here and there and re-do that center part.

Hmmmm.... might just do that this morning, even!


We'll keep you posted!

Have a great Sunday!

(where it's raining - QUILTING WEATHER!!!!)


Pat from FL and MI said...

You two squares look perfect! As to the triangle, why not call it a liberated triangle? You could save all the blocks and tris that turn out like that and make a DJ my way quilt, LOL!

Frummie said...

I love The tri. That's what all my paper piecing looks like...LOL
Love you

Barb said...

Your squares are so perfect.....just like Pat said, your points...everything.