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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And 3 More Dots!!!

Hi there!

And 3 more polka dot blocks got done!

A-4 = Courtney's Stethoscope

A-10 = Which Points West?

C-9 = Jane's Tears

I'll have to put these cute little blocks aside,
for a bit.

I need to concentrate REAL HARD
on finishing some quilts that I
want to enter into one of our
local quilt shows.

I've never done that before and
I'm a bit anxious on following
all the rules and such.

I'll be posting pictures
of my finished quilts,

Wish me luck!



Barb said...

Love your dots....great job!!

Brigitte said...

just a gentle reminder from hot Germany, my dear! please send me a pm
hugs Brigitte

tich said...

The blocks are such fun, and so different to the CW fabric. Fingers and toes crossed for the shows - my feet are cold 'cos I can't get my shoes on!!

Susan In Texas said...

What terrific dots! I really like A-4. Good luck finishing your other projects. I guess that's why we haven't heard from you in THREE WHOLE DAYS!!!! ;)

All the best,
Susan in Texas