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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Let Me Introduce Hunter's Moon

Hi there!

When I did my first Dear Jane quilt, I had the hardest time with this block:
A-3 = Hunter's Moon.

This one became one of my bloopers.

Gilbert even tried to stretch it in the opposite direction and it STILL didn't come out "round"!


My 2nd and final attempt came out a bit better. This one is in my first DJ quilt.

As you all know, I'm making a SECOND Dear Jane quilt in polka dots. And you might call this cheating or being lazy, or whatever... I really don't give a hoot on this - I machine appliqued this one, but OH MY GOD, I think it turned out almost perfect.... for me, anyhow!


(Rosemary - recognize the fabric?!??! *grin*)

This morning, I decided to start and finish the BOM (Block Of the Month) that I've signed up for, at our local quilt shop.

Here's a shot of all the BOM's that I've done, so far...

And here's this month's:

I just LOVE these soft pastel colours!

Have a GREAT week!


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