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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another UFO done!

Hi There!

Well, yes, it IS a panel, yet Gilbert longarmed it and it's a gifty to one of my sisters.... And YES, I finally finished the binding and I've added a label, on the back.

Soooo, in my books,
it's no longer a UFO
(Un-Finished Object), but a
FO (Finished Object)!

This was finished on Sunday afternoon.

And Sunday, I also managed to finish this block 'cept for the last strip.

A-1 - Pinwheel Gone Awry
(28 pieces)

Yesterday, Monday, right after work, I went into my sewing room and finished that block and managed to finish this cute little pink one, too!

A-2 = One Two Buckle My Shoe
(40 pieces) !!!

Imagine? this 4-1/2 inch block has FORTY pieces?!?!? Some complete, FULL SIZED quilts don't even have that many pieces, in it's entirety!

What's on my Design Wall, now?

Well, this evening, I dug out my crumb blocks and put them up on my wall. Funny how I just LOVE making those blocks, but HATE piecing them all together, eh?

I think it might be the setting that I selected for them - "on point".

Anyhow, I'll finish it off and Gilbert will longarm it, for me and it'll be finished.... but, I'm not there, yet.


And, tomorrow's Wednesday - E & J Day!

Have a great Wednesday!



Barb said...

Love your UFO and blocks.

Susan In Texas said...

Your former UFO looks terrific! So do the blocks. I did A1 and managed to mirror it. Sigh. EQ6 isn't very bright sometimes; and I'm not too swift either!

Happy quilting,