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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dots Anyone?

Hi there!

As some of you might know, I've started doing a 2nd Dear Jane. This one, I'm using Polka Dots... of all sizes and colors!

Polka Dots make me smile!

Well, as I was making these two, Gilbert was working on quilting my first DJ... and I just happened to walk into the room and which block did I see? The very same one that I had just finished!!!!


M-10 = Simple Simon

And M-9 = Fan Dance!

Believe it or not, I had used a brownish polka dot one on my first Dear Jane!!!!

Remember that baby quilt, that I was working on ... what was it? Last summer? This past winter? I can't remember but I DO remember that once all the circles were appliqué, I realized that it maybe wasn't the smartest thing to do - use "Heat 'n Bond" on these circles...

Four thicknesses of "Heat 'n Bond" makes for a GREAT frisbee! LOL

Then, did I stop there?!??!


I then went and made a sandwich with Minkee fabric, for the backing and MACHINE QUILTED this quilt! Was I finished there?!?!? Oh NO, NO, NO...!!!

I decided to machine quilt this in a cross hatching style, at ever inch! To see if, once washed, the Heat 'n Bond frisbees would soften up!

And it was only when I got towards the VERY END, that I mentioned this to my friend Frummie and she said, "Oh no, dear! Heat 'n Bond will NEVER soften up!"

*long groan*

By then, with the minkee underneath, and the frisbees (AKA the pancakes), my sewing machine created a LOT of little bird's nests, underneath....

Did I finally stop there?!??!

No - the nightmare continues...

I decided to rip out those nest eggs sections and re-sew over those parts.... but it only created more nest eggs!

Gilbert says, "Well, since we now have Bertha, why don't you let me quilt it?"

Which, in theory, sounded like a great idea, but then, I had finished quilting this polka dot quilt, and by now, I was calling it the Quilt from Hell, and to do a proper job, it had to be COMPLETELY taken apart!!!!

Soooo, Gilbert and I started taking this quilt sandwich apart.... seam by seam, until I got fed up and said, "Listen, it really doesn't matter HOW nice of a job you do with the quilting on the Quilt from Hell - it's STILL going be round, hard, cardboardish pancakes!"

Soooo, at THAT point, Gilbert says, "Hmmmm.... if you really don't want it, I'll cover up one of the tiles in the quilting room with it! It'll add some color."

Okaaaaay.... once again, it sounded like a great idea 'cept we still had to rip those darn seams, ANYHOW!!!

Well, here's a picture of it FINALLY released from it's quilt sandwich and Gilbert has it glued on the ceiling!

Yup... it looks nice but when I think of ALL the work that went into MAKING it and then TAKING IT APART....

I just "sigh", every time I see it!


Just beware....

Heat 'n Bond works great for fabric postcards - not so great for a baby quilt!



Frummie said...

I remember that quilt. It really looks great on the ceiling ;o)

quiltmom said...

It looks so pretty on your roof Rosa- Sometimes we learn our best lessons from our mistakes. Hope you try the design again because it is really a pretty quilt. I can see why you chose this for a baby quilt. Circle quilts are one of my favorites..
I also love the wall quilt.
Your long arm room looks terrific.

Cyn ;-) said...

What a BRILLIANT IDEA! I love it.

Barb said...

I love that quilt....and what a clever way to display it!

martha said...

it does make a stunning ceiling tile:)

Aunt 'Reen said...

That quilt looks GORGEOUS on your ceiling :D
I love the new polka dot jane blocks too!

Riel said...

That looks super cool on the ceiling! I love it. Keep going. Make your own whole ceiling quilt.

Wenche said...

Now you have something that not everyone does: a quilt in the celing! I have never seen a picture of it before. Get rid of the bad feelings, laugh about it and enjoy. Then you make a new baby quilt :)

tich said...

Your quilt is gorgeous. A way round the bonding, straight stitch circle down without fusible, using small stitch.. Trim VERY close to stitching. Use very close satin stitch to sew down and cover straight stitching. If using more than one circle, straight stitch next circle down, and then cut away one layer from back. When you satin stitch, the raw edges will be covered. Hope this helps.