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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday Eve!!!

Hi There!

Coming home, after work,
the radio announcer said that
he hated the word "Thursday"
and that anything that had the word
"Eve" in it, was GREAT!

Christmas Eve?
New Years Eve?

Sooooo, he said that he was calling

"Friday Eve"!!!!

I was REALLY worried that
I'd put this little project aside
and forget about it,
like someone that will remain "nameless"
told me that she hadn't made HERS, yet!


Okay, so it might not be EXPERT embroidery,
but at least it's done, right?


I just LOVE this little kit!
It makes me feel close
to my French ancestors....



Pat from FL and MI said...

French ancestors??? Rosa just doesn't sound French to me, LOL! Cute project. I love to embroider, but rarly to it any more.

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Hi Rosa!

Looks great...More incentive for someone else to get theirs done??


How was the rest of your Friday eve?


Elaine in Ontario, Ca attending Road to California Quilt Convention

Brigitte said...

hi Rosa, love your new header !!!! happy stitching - I'm in the middle of the moving chaos - hugs Brigitte