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Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's COLD, you say?!?!?

Hi There!

Some of you have probably been
wondering what I've been up to.

Well, I have a confession to make.

Even though I love a challenge
and have quite a bit of patience,
I can get bored, fairly quickly too.

Mid-January, I wanted to do
what I call Mindless Sewing.

So, I decided to make
some "Crumb" placemats!!!

I called up my Mom and asked
what color placemats would she like to have.

"Green", was her reply.
"A NICE green... not an olive or neon green!"

Well, I got to work and
made her and Dad, SIX placemats.

I LOVE to work with crumbs!!!

You get to recycle all your little bits and pieces
of fabrics PLUS you reminisce, too!

"Oh... gee I remember using THAT fabric!"

"Oh yah! That was for so and so's quilt!"


Well, we were SUPPOSED to go
visit them Friday.... weather didn't cooperate!

So, Saturday morning (yesterday),
Gilbert and I packed up my car
and off we went, to visit my parents.

They live about 1 hours' drive away
and you have to take a ferry,
unless you take the LONG way around,
which is really not do-able, IMHO.

While approaching the ferry,
Gilbert said,
"I wonder how safe this is."

I suddenly got that far-away
look in my eyes....

"Geeeee, I wonder if any of the passengers,
on the Titanic had that same thought..."


It was safe but EXTREMELY cold,
when I stepped out of our car,
to snap these pictures.

Anyhow, a friend had sent me a bunch
of funny cartoons, quite a while back.

Once again, I thought I'd share
with you, this lighter moment!


Hope you all have a GREAT week!



SewCalGal said...

Very cute post. Be safe. Don't slip on that ice. And if you forget who I am, I look forward to meeting you again and again and again....always your friend!


Susan In Texas said...

Great placemats. It's always fun to use up scraps; I hate for anything to go to waste. I like the backs too; very pretty!

Where in Canada do you live? I bet it's cold up there because it was below freezing down here in sunny Texas. brrr I'm from Wisconsin, but I moved down here 25 years ago to follow my hubby and get AWAY from the cold. Hurry up summer!

Stay warm,

Frummie said...

Hey Sweetie,
It was a dismal day today, not like your snow though...73 but no sun. Sorry to rub it in.

Brenda said...

LOL! OK, so as soon as I thought of the Titanic I would have decided I really didn't need to go visit them, LOL! You're so brave...