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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Schnibbles 'n Bits !!!

Hi there!

Well, Friday morning I called Gilbert
to tell him that I had taken the afternoon off.

Me: Hi There! I've got the afternoon off. Wanna go uptown and pick up some more coin stuff?
Gilbert: I dunno. I don't think you'll have time.
Me: Huh? What d'ya mean?
Gilbert: You just got a fairly big box in from Elaine.
Me: OH WOW!!! How big is the box? I wonder what's in it... Any idea what's in it?!?? Did you shake it?!?!? Is it heavy?!??
(can you tell that I'm dying from curiousity?!??!) LOL
Gilbert: Dunno, but it's got almost 30 bucks US stamps on it and the box size is about 12" X 12".
Me: Well, we're surely going to take the time to open the "Box", before we go shopping!

Soooo, at exactly 12 noon, I rushed home and took the time to take some pictures to share with you.

My friend Elaine even sent a gifty, just for Gilbert.
(I think he was impressed)

Here's Gilbert with his gifty:
a real nifty, wooden puzzle of a wine glass!

Elaine sent me a BIG collector's mug
of "California StarBucks"!

How cool is that, eh?

Also, do you see the the right of this picture?
There's 3 snowmen boxes, all stacked up...

Aren't those boxes ADORABLE?!??
*still grinning*

Here's a better picture of the
3 stacked snowmen boxes,
the wooden wine glass and my "mug".

Inside the snowmen were gifties!

A "Schnibbles" pattern -
"Madeline", by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.
and 7 Fat Quarters!!!

As for this fabric
I had seen it before on the internet
and when I realized that Elaine had sent me
"Rouenneries" by FRENCH GENERAL,
I almost fainted, from joy!!!

In the 2 other snowmen boxes,
Elaine included this:

A nice, big pincushion
and a "Sewing Book"
with a few needles and buttons, in it.

Both of these items were
from the "FRENCH GENERAL"!!!

Oh... and each had a little
envelope attached to it,
along with instructions,
on how to add an
initial to these 2 items.

Here's what they wrote:
"Young French girls embroidered their initials on their finest linens. The initialed letters were always blood red because red was a strong and durable dye, resistant to multiple launderings and one that could be easily seen. During laundry days at the lavoir on the river, the initials also helped sort family linens."


I will try and make the time to sew
my initials on my new "linens",
in case I might loose them,
during laundry days at the lavoir.

I promised Elaine that I would
certainly make the Schnibbles pattern!

I'll keep you all posted on my
Schnibbles progress...


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Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Glad you like it!

By the way, I "think" that I packed a very tiney star box with a "Thread Heaven" inside. It looks like a patchwork star? Did I forget or am I loosing more of my mind??