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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ten Minutes... That's All It Took!

Hi there!

Remember, at the end of
this past December,
when I had cleaned up my
Sewing Studio, for that contest?

Well, it had stayed pretty clean,
till I asked Gilbert to make me
a better "Design Wall",
than what I had - which was basically
just a vinyl (cheap) tablecloth,
pinned to the wall.

He agreed and then we chatted
about what materials should be used
and the size of this "Design Wall".

Friday afternoon, we picked up
some sheets of styrofoam.
Saturday morning, he came
downstairs, in my Sewing Studio,
to start the "Design Wall".

He needed room to work, he said.


Yes, I KNOW it usually has to get
REAL messy before it looks REAL nice!

And I know he's doing his best and
it was partly MY fault,
for dumping my "stuff" elsewhere,
with that famous line...
"I'll put it there, for now."

I'm having trouble finding my
sewing machine, even!


This "look"... *her arms sweep across the room*,
only took about 10 minutes...

Anyhow, thanks for reading my ramblings.

I received another funny email,
just recently and I thought
I'd share it with you...
since you've so patient
with my ramblings!


Have a GREAT week!


1 comment:

Shelly said...

Oh, Rosa! Mine is about that bad in spots, but it will be so great for you to have a design wall. I can't find the top of my desk, and I can only work on half of my island. Those are my projects for this week -- to deal with those piles. I know I'll be able to be much more productive with a clean space to work in!